• Jump starting a battery

    Flat battery? IAM RoadSmart’s guide to jump starting your vehicle safely

    If you emerge from Coronavirus lockdown to find your vehicle battery is flat, jump starting it with jump leads can cause damage. For some modern cars it is even not possible or requires specialist equipment. So, you should always consult your manufacturer’s manual at the first stage to understand their recommendation on what to do in the event of a flat battery. If jump starting is not possible, contact a garage or breakdown service who may be able to provide support. If your car does allow jump starting, Tim Shallcross, IAM RoadSmart’s head of technical policy and advice, offers practical guidance on how to do it safely.

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  • Day_1_-_Tackling_drink_driving_-_West_Midlands_Police_(6613046827)

    Leave your car at home this St Patrick’s Day: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner it’s likely people across the country will be out celebrating and alcohol may be flowing. Drivers and riders are aware of the serious dangers and consequences alcohol can have; not only to themselves but people around them.

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  • IAM_PORTRAITS_0088_Shaun Cronin

    "It's life Jim, but not as we know it"

    "If I can just save one life by my actions, it is all worthwhile. And I know our observers and members feel the same way." As Shaun Cronin, IAM RoadSmart Regional Service Delivery Manager (Southern), like many of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, spends more time off the road, he ponders what his life would have been like were the country not in lockdown. His blog highlights how much he values all the work he does with IAM RoadSmart members, groups and volunteers in helping to improve road safety, and how much he's looking forward to continuing to make a difference when restrictions are lifted.

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  • AdobeStock_276078922_27APR20_QuietCountryRoadSunshine

    How much can change in a month

    Mike Quinton, IAM RoadSmart CEO, reflects on how much has changed for IAM RoadSmart members, groups, staff and communities over recent weeks as the country reacts to the impact of COVID-19 and ongoing lockdown. He shares his thoughts on the effects the Coronavirus has had on our work to improve road safety and how, collectively, we have responded to the extraordinary challenges faced.

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  • AdobeStock_168859621_20 Apr 20_Motorbike at night

    Some thoughts on night riding – part two

    In the second instalment of his blog, Derek McMullan, Chairman of IAM RoadSmart Chairman, explores his views and experiences of night riding, with tips and advice for those taking to the road after dark.

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