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IAM RoadSmart Manifesto 

IAM RoadSmart believes that post-test training is the key to safer roads. We aim to inspire confidence, capability and enjoyment in the way people drive and ride through our coaching programmes and on line services. 

* Young/new drivers - we support graduated driver licensing for new drivers based around a 12 month minimum learning period plus extra training interventions in the first year of solo driving

* Older drivers – a demographic time bomb is ticking and IAM RoadSmart believes we need an open debate on the best way to maintain safe mobility in old age. Initially we want to see the driving licence renewal age raised to 75 plus an eye test. GPs should be able to prescribe a driving assessment and in time this could become compulsory for drivers over 85

* Driver retesting - IAM RoadSmart believes that periodic refresher courses have a role to play in ensuring all drivers and riders make their full contribution to the ‘Safe System’. Research and pilot schemes are needed to encourage a continuous personal development approach to enhancing driving and riding skills

* Driver rehabilitation - IAM RoadSmart knows that drink drive rehabilitation courses work and believe that all drivers convicted of drink driving should be sent on one unless they choose to opt out. There is also still much scope for a wider range of NDORS-type alternative to prosecution courses to target specific negative driver and rider behaviours

* Driving for work - IAM RoadSmart believes road safety at work is a critical health and safety issue that requires much higher priority at the Health and Safety Executive. It should be at the core of good corporate governance and procurement practice in the private and public sector

* Driverless cars - distraction from new technology and the training challenges from the switch to autonomous and connected vehicles must be a top research and legislative priority area. This will help ensure the safe design and operation of future mobility solutions

* Motorcycling - IAM RoadSmart advanced riding courses must be more widely supported to allow powered two-wheelers to fulfil their promise as a key solution to our congestion and pollution problems. Successful schemes such as ‘BikeSafe’ must be consistently operated and funded and motorcycles should be allowed in all bus lanes.

To download a PDF version of the Manifesto click here: IAM RoadSmart Manifesto