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IAM RoadSmart has more than 60 years of unrivalled knowledge and experience of riding and driving. Below is a selection of helpful hints for all road users, as well as blogs and members stories from those within our community.


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  • Filtering motorbike

    Motorcycling Safely

    Riding a motorcycle is adventurous and an exhilarating experience. However, the harsh reality is that an average of 6 motorcyclists died and 115 were seriously injured per week in reported road casualties between 2015 to 2020.

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  • driving-on-country-roads

    Driving safely on country lanes

    IAM RoadSmart’s Head of Driving & Riding Standards Richard Gladman offers sound safety advice for driving on narrow country lanes in part three of his expert driving tips.

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  • drink distraction V2

    How often are you distracted while driving?

    A recent IAM RoadSmart Twitter poll found that just under half (44.4%) of respondents said they find infotainment systems distracting, while 42.1% found other road users distracting. Distractions impair our ability to react quickly and could have serious consequences for you, the driver, other passengers - plus of course other road users and pedestrians. Here are some tips to help you avoid distractions while you’re driving.

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  • Dog in Summer

    Don’t put your pet at risk

    Temperatures across the UK have soared to over 30 degrees this week, and more people are heading out on the roads to enjoy it. We may consider ourselves to be a nation of dog lovers, but it seems we’re still putting our four-legged friends at risk when it comes to travelling in warmer weather.

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  • traffic

    Plan ahead for a stress-free weekend of driving

    Who doesn’t love the idea of hopping into the car and taking to the open road to kick-off our holiday, or for a carefree, weekend trip away. However, with schools about to break-up for the summer and August bank holiday weekend just around the corner, you’re unlikely to be the only person planning at least one weekend of driving over the coming weeks, so thinking ahead is a must.

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Blog posts

  • Motorway

    Motorway Safety

    In this the second of IAM RoadSmart’s series of expert driving tips, Head of Driving & Riding Standards Richard Gladman, takes a closer look at safe motorway driving.

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  • Electric car

    Part Two: The realities of owning an electric car

    Richard Gladman has written the second part of his experience of owning an electric car. "Part two sees me using the EV for an Examiner Quality Assurance assessment, and luckily for me the assessment is for the examiner who lives closest to me. A couple of days without any business-use and the car, if charged to the recommended 80% at cheap overnight rates, should see me do a day’s work without charging."

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  • Empty road

    Developing new skills to boost concentration

    At 24 Rebecca had been driving for several years, so what did she gain from taking the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Course last year? Confidence, more enjoyment out of driving, improved observation skills and tools to aid concentration.

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  • older drivers background

    The Mature Driver Review with Sue Cole

    A 26-year-old Sue Cole passed her driving test on her third attempt in 1986 and has enjoyed driving ever since. Since retiring, she's spent many years working at a girl’s school in Worcestershire, where she was often behind the wheel of the school minibus four or five times a week taking students to and from trips. You can read Sue's full review here.

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  • Through the generations

    One million miles…and counting

    Roy Craig tells us about his long-time love of cars and how being an IAM RoadSmart member has helped him to improve his driving. Read on to find out more.

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Member stories

Blog posts

  • Bill Smith's Tribute

    Paying tribute to WaBAM’s Bill Smith

    IAM RoadSmart’s 180 local groups rely on the dedication of their volunteers, and we are grateful to every one of those members around the country for giving us their time and expertise and always deeply saddened when we lose one of the IAM RoadSmart family.

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  • mini bob

    Bob Natton and the Magnificent Emergency STOP!

    In this story, Bob (a 50-year member with IAM) talks us through his driving experiences, favourite car, how IAM RoadSmart helped him and what he loves about being an IAM RoadSmart member.

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  • Asset grab (1)

    Clive's Story

    Our latest IAM RoadSmart member story involves Clive and his passion for motorcycles which he rediscovered through learning new skills at IAM RoadSmart. Read how IAM RoadSmart gave him the skills to go from rider to observer and how his journey led him to being an award winning Volunteer.

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  • IAM_BIKE_STOCK_0001_Motorbike wheels lined up

    Racing queen revisited

    Eddy Lambah-Stoate, passionate IAM RoadSmart member, motorbike enthusiast and content creator, shares his passion about all things on two wheels. This article retells an experience from 2018.

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  • Motorbike nature

    Mental Health and IAM RoadSmart Champion

    Stephen Carr’s latest achievement is completing and passing his Mental Health First Aid course and becoming a registered volunteer with the charity. Read all about his journey here.

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