What people say and what they do

Blog post posted on 13/03/18 |

If you are to ask someone what do they think about people who speed, talk on handheld mobile phones and cut someone else up on the motorway, they will routinely say they are vehemently against such practices, and would never do it themselves.

So based on this, why do we witness it so often on the roads? And if you happen to take issue with such behaviour, why does the other party insist on reacting (usually) very angrily?

Many would say that driving standards have fallen in recent years. They would also say that other drivers should undergo post-test tuition to improve this situation. But they’d say the fault lies with others, and not themselves … ‘my driving is fine, thanks very much!’

And therein lies the problem. Nobody admits to the fact driving skill is something that needs constant updating, even if you have taken IAM RoadSmart’s advanced test or other courses like it.

Some of the best drivers in the world have taken the advanced test – and are not too proud to take it multiple times to ensure their skills are up-to-date. Multiple rally winner Paddy Hopkirk has not only taken the advanced test twice across 26 years, but also taken the Mature Driver Review. If the winner of the Monte Carlo Rally isn’t too proud to take a test like this, what’s stopping others from doing the same and wanting to be a better driver?

Sue Baker, former BBC Top Gear presenter and a motoring writer for many decades retakes her advanced test every 10 years – someone who drives and writes about cars for a living.

Yet many people on our roads rate themselves as good drivers who need no further tuition of any kind.

Is this arrogance? Laziness? Or has the question never been asked of them?

I would say it’s a mixture of the three. I just hope that they see the light before they get into a crash that could have been prevented by a post-test course.

By Rodney Kumar, IAM RoadSmart senior communications executive (passed IAM RoadSmart’s advanced test in 2017!)