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IAM RoadSmart makes a valuable contribution to the road risk debate. We produce a range of policy and research documents on topics key to the conversation, such as drink-driving, speed cameras, motorway speed limits, motorcycling and mature drivers.
We inform and influence to ensure road safety remains a policy and investment priority. Those who listen to our views include government and key decision makers.

IAM RoadSmart often gives evidence to governmental bodies, including the Transport Select Committee. Our staff also provide expert input and analysis on key committees at Highways England, Road Safety Scotland, Transport Focus and PACTS (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety). We also contribute to the international road safety debate as members of the Mobility division of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

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Older Drivers 2021

Research report posted on 01/09/21 |
Safer Road Users
More and more Britons are living longer and healthier lives but, at this report finds, the car is still by far the most popular transport option for them and one they are not keen to give up. The number of drivers over the age of 80 is now getting close to two million and many are using their cars more often as a central part of their active lives.

Older drivers up to the age of 80 are not a high risk group on our roads and most actually have a very positive appetite for changes to ensure they can stay mobile for as long as possible. As in the 2015 report it is still clear that medical professionals have a key role to play in informing and influencing the choice to give up driving. It is also clear that little
has changed since 2015 to help older drivers prepare and plan for life without the car. If we are to avoid a demographic time bomb of isolated older people stuck in their homes requiring extra services, it is vital that governments across the UK engage in an open dialogue about their plans and actions to deliver safer roads and continued mobility. We
called for action six years ago and that call is now even more important as our population ages. IAM RoadSmart acknowledge the generous support of the Department of Transport in funding this report.

Click here to download the report, or use the link below.

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