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IAM RoadSmart makes a valuable contribution to the road risk debate. We produce a range of policy and research documents on topics key to the conversation, such as drink-driving, speed cameras, motorway speed limits, motorcycling and mature drivers.
We inform and influence to ensure road safety remains a policy and investment priority. Those who listen to our views include government and key decision makers.

IAM RoadSmart often gives evidence to governmental bodies, including the Transport Select Committee. Our staff also provide expert input and analysis on key committees at Highways England, Road Safety Scotland, Transport Focus and PACTS (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety). We also contribute to the international road safety debate as members of the Mobility division of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

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You can read the latest IAM RoadSmart Manifesto here.

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  • Evaluation of Advanced Motorcycling 2020_Cover

    Evaluation of Advanced Motorcycling 2020

    IAM RoadSmart's new study has found that motorcyclists who have taken the Advanced Rider course have safer attitudes on the roads and are involved in fewer collisions per mile than riders who have not completed advanced rider coaching. Conducted by leading research company Agilysis, the survey of c. 1,300 riders, including IAM RoadSmart members and non-advanced qualified motorcyclists, also revealed that advanced riders are more aware of the limitations of other drivers and riders and are therefore more likely to show consideration for their fellow road users. You can read the full findings by clicking on 'More information' below.

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  • IAM RoadSmart_Driving Safety Culture Survey Cover

    Driving Safety Culture Survey 2019

    IAM RoadSmart’s fifth annual Safety Culture Survey examines the attitudes and concerns of UK drivers, tracked year-on-year to monitor change. The 2019 survey shows that, for the fifth year running, drivers' biggest concerns are congestion and the danger of distraction when phones are used behind the wheel.

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  • IAM RoadSmart TRL Simulator Study_Infotainment_March 2020_Final_Cover

    Infotainment - The Impact of interacting with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay when driving

    Worrying results from a new study by road-safety charity IAM RoadSmart released today show that the latest in-vehicle infotainment systems, which are designed to improve road safety, are failing and are in fact impairing reaction times behind the wheel – even more so than alcohol and cannabis use.

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  • Safety report 2

    Driving Safety Culture Survey 2018

    IAM RoadSmart’s fourth annual Safety Culture Survey examines the attitudes and concerns of UK drivers, and has found once again that their biggest worries revolve around the many uses that people have developed for smartphones when they should be driving.

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  • Capturyoung novice drivers collision types

    Young Novice Driver Collision Types

    A new report by the UK’s leading road safety charity IAM RoadSmart and TRL into crashes involving young drivers has concluded that they need to learn quicker how to avoid crashes with the most vulnerable users on our roads.

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