Making an impact

Blog post posted on 25/01/17 |

Whilst 2016 was an eventful year for many companies, for IAM RoadSmart it was a mammoth year! We implemented a huge change programme, one which will enable growth in the business and moreover enable us to achieve our mission to make better drivers and riders.

Rebranding from The Institute of Advanced Motorists to IAM RoadSmart, launching our new web site, and moving our headquarters from Chiswick to Welwyn Garden City have made for a busy year, and there is room for even more growth and development in 2017.

Additionally during the year we spoke to 7,000 non-customers about our services. The group was a mix of ages and sexes, with individual interests and challenges. We wanted to know how we could help them enjoy their time on the road.

What did they tell us? Well, they said they wanted courses which hit their particular need on the head quickly, effectively and in a friendly and engaging manner.

What have we done? We have launched a range of modular courses lasting just over the hour, undertaken in your own car with one of our expert driving instructors. Courses cover from motorways to rural roads, taking in parking and manoeuvring along the way and much more. Contact for more details on this.

In 2017 we continue to look forward to meeting riders and drivers who want to improve their skills this is where the IAM RoadSmart Skills Days ( ) come in. We plan on holding more exciting events such as these for both riders and drivers to learn additional skills, that can be easily applied when driving or riding on the road. 

The Skills Days are more than just an opportunity to develop your skills in a closed-circuit environment. It’s a great chance to network and meet the wonderful characters that influence and make IAM RoadSmart what it is.

IAM RoadSmart accomplished so much in 2016. We said goodbye to some great people that supported and worked for the company’s vision and we have also gained new people who are starting a new adventure with us. It is an exciting time for IAM RoadSmart and I’m sure 2017 will be even busier than last year!

Sarah Sillars, IAM RoadSmart chief executive officer.