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Skills days

Our 2018 Skills Days dates will be announced early in the new year

Members and non-members welcome, come and develop your advanced driving and riding skills in a superb closed-circuit environment, with expert IAM RoadSmart tuition throughout.
Priority given to 'first-timers' - please tell us when booking if this will be your first 'closed road' activity.

Our 2018 motorcycle days


Our 2018 car days

Booking line opens in February 2018

A few photos from one of our Ladies Skills Day at Thruxton

We welcome all types of vehicles and drivers to our skills days

Please read these cancellation and changes terms and conditions before booking your place.

Cancelling your attendance at any booked event or requests to transfer to an alternative date will not be allowed within 21 days of the event.  No requests for refund will be given within this same period. (Exceptional circumstances will be considered) 

In case of cancellation of the event by circuit owners due to unforeseen circumstances, for example weather conditions, it will be our intention to seek an alternative date, whilst this may not be acceptable by all this is the policy of our current circuit owners.  

What are Skills days? 

IAM RoadSmart Skills Days offer opportunities to learn enhanced driving or riding road skills either in your own car or on your motorcycle. These Skills Days should not be confused with a Track Day.  You will work either 1-2-1 in a car, or in a very small group on motorcycles with a dedicated instructor. The event is carefully structured to develop skills in a modular way and most attendees end the day with a much greater understanding of their machine and themselves as riders or drivers.

Why use circuits? 

Circuits offer a controlled environment without many of the usual hazards faced on our roads. This environment enables the participants to concentrate fully on the skills being taught, with the opportunity to try new techniques. Repeating laps means that new skills can be practiced and developed through the day.


What car or bike do I ride? 

You drive your own car or ride your own motorcycle as the content of the day enables you to develop your personal skills.  You will really learn both your capabilities and those of your car or motorcycle.

Please note:  Skills Days are for fully road legal cars or motorcycles only.  No racing cars or track day motorcycles are permitted.  Motorcycles must be fitted with registration plates, mirrors and indicators.  A motorcycle with a ‘Daytime MOT’ is not suitable for these events.

Insurance:  IAM Surety are able to offer insurance cover for an IAM RoadSmart Skills Day as an extension to your policy with them.  Always check your insurance cover with your own insurance company.


Who is it for? 

The days are for anyone who wants to improve their driving or riding skills whilst also having some fun. No prior experience is required - we have had classic cars, family runabouts and all manner of new and classic motorcycles attend our days. Members and non-members are welcome.   

How do I know which group to ride my motorcycle in on the circuit? 

We split motorcyclists into groups where you will be matched with people of a similar experience to you.  You will not find yourself compromised by others on faster machines and feel pressured to go faster.  You are allowed to develop at your own pace.

Motorcycle - A group

Meant for those who have completed Skills Days before
Have circuit experience and is are confident in that environment
Have undertaken other rider training in a similar environment

Motorcycle - B group

Consider themselves as an improver
Already have some circuit experience
Are ready to develop further

Motorcycle - C group

First or second time on a skills day
Wanting to improve their skills and gain confidence
Don’t want to be pressured by faster riders


What happens in my car on the circuit?

You will have a dedicated instructor sat alongside you throughout your time on the circuit.  You will spend time out on circuit then debrief those laps before going out again.

What will I learn?

  • A huge amount about the capabilities of both yourself and your car or motorcycle!
  • Entry, apex and exit points, how they vary from road to circuit, how we use them and where we should position for view, stability and progress.
  • Where to brake, when and how much to brake, how it feels in an emergency.  Most people have never used their brakes to their full potential – you will on a Skills Day!
  • Controlled, progressive, smooth cornering.
  • Gear selection and how to decide which is the most appropriate gear for the circumstances.
  • How to use the accelerator or throttle to add stability to the car or motorcycle when cornering.
  • We recommend motorcyclists read the Full Control document prior to attending a skills day.


Booking line opens in February 2018