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Blood Bikers transport a variety of clinical products across the UK and Northern Ireland. This could be blood, platelets, samples, surgical instruments, or donor milk amongst others. Many groups operate 24/7, 365 days a year and all of them provide a vital service to our NHS. Blood Bikes is split into different local groups across the country, allowing them to deliver a ‘coast to coast’ service. Each group is a separately registered charity in their own right.

One of the main requirements is that you complete an Advanced Riding course to ensure that when delivering these clinical products, your riding is of the highest standard.

We offer an Advanced Riding course which will equip you with the necessary skills to begin your journey supporting the NHS to save lives through Blood Bikes. Read on to find out more…

Advanced Driver

Who are the NABB?

The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB) was created back in 2008 to help identify ‘best practice’ within the 5 operational Blood Bike groups at the time. They had a vision to roll out the concept across the UK by inspiring and supporting the formation of new Blood Bike groups.

Fast forward 14 years and the NABB now represents the collective interests of 34 independently registered Blood Bike Charities across the UK. Their 4,500 unpaid volunteers respond to more than 145,000 requests for transport each year.

The UK now has a ‘coast to coast’ Blood Bike service and in 2015 was recognised by the government as an integral part of the NHS frontline services.

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Blood Bike rider requirements…


Becoming a Blood Biker has certain requirements. These are some of the most common across the groups:

A minimum age limit applies, usually 21 or 25 depending on the group

Hold a full, unrestricted motorcycle license

Complete an Advanced Riding course

If you are currently undertaking your advanced qualification, individual local Blood Biker groups might let you join as a non-rider.

All of the NABB member groups do require you to complete an Advanced Rider course for you to be able to start riding for them.


How do we support Blood Bikes?

At IAM RoadSmart, we are proud to support the NABB with their mission.

We actively support the volunteers who work with Blood Bikes by making sure that their riding is as good as possible.

Many of our local group members also work with Blood Bikes after completing their Advanced Riding course. In fact, all of their groups require you to have completed an advanced course to ride for them.

Do I need be an Advanced Rider?
Do Blood Bikers get paid?
How do I volunteer with Blood Bikes?
Can I use my own motorbike?


How to become a Blood Bike rider…

Become a Blood Biker

“I am an Advanced Rider and would like to become a Blood Biker”

If you have already passed your Advanced Riding Course, then you are on your way to becoming a Blood Biker. Start your journey by clicking the link below.


Become an Advanced Rider

“I do not currently hold an Advanced Riding qualification”

If you have an interest in becoming a Blood Biker, then completing an Advanced Riding course is key. Find out more about our course, including the many benefits below.



“Having passed my IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider test in 2003, I continued to develop my skills and became an Observer in 2006. This gave me the required skills and confidence to volunteer for my local Blood Bikes charity, Freewheelers EVS. My volunteering with both charities has been symbiotic ever since. So, as I progressed to National Observer, I also became a ride assessor for Blood Bikes.

I am now an IAM RoadSmart Master’s mentor, and several Blood Bikers are choosing this path for personal development. The course gave me confidence in my riding ability and ongoing skills development. It also opened a world of opportunities to utilise those skills for the benefit of others.

I am now Chair for the Blood Bikes charity and encourage anyone wishing to volunteer for their local Blood Bike group to take an Advanced Riding course or visit to find out more. I've enjoyed every minute of it and, as most people say, I wish I had done the course earlier in my riding life.”

Mel Rowbottom, Chair & Trustee, Freewheelers EVS




"Advanced Rider to Blood Biker" - By Graham Bryson

"I’ve been with Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes now for 3 years, and I came to join the group when I was taking my IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorcycle qualification with Wirral Advanced Motorcyclists.

The majority of the observers were Blood Bikers who made me aware of the charity and I realised I would like to be involved with the work they were doing."

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