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  • car seat

    Keeping your children safe on every journey

    Natalie from Car Seat Ninja, a mum of four who’s on a mission to provide comprehensive car seat advice and a retail service, is offering her years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to help every parent and guardian to keep their child safe on every journey.

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  • Tyre

    Check before you travel

    Winter tends to bring with it difficult driving and riding conditions, so now is a good time to remind ourselves how to drive safely when the temperature drops below zero whilst ensuring our tyres are up to scratch. With freezing conditions expected this week, it’s time to take extra care when travelling on the roads.

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  • Car park

    Stress-free parking this Christmas

    Christmas shopping can be the perfect way to start the festivities this season, and with some well thought out plans it shouldn’t break the bank to park.

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  • Snow tyres

    Winter driving tips

    In 2020, over 18,000 accidents were reported across the UK where rain, snow, fog, or high winds were a contributing factor. More severe road traffic accidents are happening in winter due to motorists being unprepared for driving in winter weather and ignoring weather warnings, and IAM RoadSmart believes now is the time to remind drivers how to drive safely when the temperature drops, and the daylight hours get shorter.

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  • Passengers

    How to have a greener Christmas

    Christmas doesn’t have to be a burden on the planet. With a little imagination and planning you can have all the festive fun without the footprint.

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