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Are you passionate about having more Advanced Riders and Drivers on the road in your local area, or perhaps you remember the great feeling when you passed your Advanced test, if this sounds like you, why not become an Examiner?

Not only will you keep your skills up to standard, but you’ll make a valuable difference to your community.



Examiner shaking hands with associate

What's involved?

If you’re looking for your next opportunity, or want to continue developing your Advanced Skills, becoming an Examiner may be the next step for you.

You’ll be introduced to the IAM RoadSmart Team, your local Group and mentored by a current IAM RoadSmart Examiner.

You will also go through a quality assurance assessment where your assessor will go out for a drive or ride with you and play the role of an Associate to evaluate your ‘Examiner skills’. The quality assurance process will be repeated every 3 years, supported by IAM RoadSmart throughout.



Examiner shaking hands with associate

What it takes

To be an Examiner you must:

  • Currently be an IAM RoadSmart member
  • Be an IAM RoadSmart Masters Driver / Rider or be qualified in advanced Police driving or riding
  • Hold the National Observer qualification

To maintain impartiality, you must not hold any Group Office, including being an Observer or be involved in Observer or Associate training, though you can remain a member of a local group to enjoy any social aspect.

Advanced driver and rider tests can take place during the week or weekend, at a location of your choice and a mutually agreed time and date – making this volunteer role flexible to meet your lifestyle. You will need to allow 90 minutes for the test, which includes a briefing, debriefing, and the on-road test which will last 60 minutes.

The overall time commitment varies for each area. The Area Service Delivery Managers will be on hand to advise and help you settle into the role.



You will need...


Good communication skills with a friendly, encouraging attitude


Thorough understanding of the course material and standards


Be able to use our online system to complete test report



Examiner shaking hands with associate

What will you gain?

IMI Examiners Qualification, recognised for 3 years

Satisfaction from seeing Associates pass

Be assured your Advanced skills are being kept up to date

Be involved with events supporting IAM RoadSmart

Support from your Area Service Delivery Manager

Meet like-minded people and join a thriving community

Contribute towards our charitable objectives

Be involved in bringing safer drivers and riders to the road



How do I become an Examiner?

If you’re interested in becoming an Examiner, get in touch with your local Area Service Delivery Manager who will be able to explain the role and commitments in more detail. 

This map identifies the different areas our Area Service Delivery Managers cover. Please see below the names of those who cover each area and click here to find their contact information.

Shaun Cronin1
Stuart Haythorn2
Pete Doherty3
Robbie Downing4
Steve Ellis5
David Cox6
Scott Tulip7
Examiner shaking hands with associate


Examiner shaking hands with associate

Examiner Testimonial: Soji

“After passing my Advanced Rider test with IAM RoadSmart more than 20 years ago, I then progressed to National Observer and took the Masters qualification for both Cars and Motorbikes.

I became an Examiner over two years ago and have not looked back. I have met other like-minded people with a shared passion about becoming better and safer road users!

It gives me great pleasure to see associates demonstrate all the skills they had learned with the help of volunteer observers culminating in a pass at the end of the test!”



Examiner Testimonial: Martin

“The role of an Examiner is hugely rewarding! I feel privileged and honoured, to be working alongside some of the most highly trained motorcyclists in the country.

The reward in putting a candidate at their ease and seeing them go on to attain the Advanced Rider test standard is a joy indeed. My advice to anyone considering applying for the role of Examiner, would be to get in contact with your local Examiner and shadow them on an Advanced Rider test and discuss the role in depth.

You may have to buy the coffee and cake, but it will be worth it.”