Our latest membership tier is now open


IAM RoadSmart Fellow membership

Our Fellow membership tier is open to all current full IAM RoadSmart members, it provides you with enhanced recognition and insurance benefits (with Cornmarket) in return for your commitment to keep your advanced skills up to date by retesting every three years with us.

Our research clearly shows that advanced driving and riding skills deteriorate over time, and that three years is a pivotal timeframe in which to refresh and renew those skills.

IAM RoadSmart together with our insurance partners, Cornmarket, are keen to recognise and reward those members who choose to keep their advanced driving skills current. Fellow membership costs £59.50 per year as the membership fee which includes the cost of your retest, except those who pay by direct direct debit, who will pay a reduced rate of £55.50.

What are the benefits of becoming a Fellow

- A dedicated membership tier with online Register of Fellow members

- Enhanced insurance recognition for drivers that includes removal of any upper age restrictions, plus free breakdown cover and 24 hour legal helpline (start from date of new policy or renewal).

IMPORTANT: These insurance benefits are currently only available with car insurance policies and do not apply to motorcycle policies. Additional insurance recognition for motorcycle Fellow members is currently in development. Motorcycle Fellows will benefit from the enhancements on any car policies they hold.

- Exclusive Fellow membership certificate and opportunity to purchase a metal lapel badge.

- The confidence of knowing that your advanced skills are sharp, current and in line with the IAM RoadSmart standards

How to become a Fellow member

Simply choose the application process that matches your membership circumstances

1. If your most recent IAM advanced test pass was less than three years ago

Then all you need to do is to advise us that you wish to become a Fellow and we will adjust your membership details immediately and you'll become a Fellow right away. Call 0300 303 1134 to switch now.

2. If your latest IAM advanced test was over three years ago

Then we ask that you book a Fellow car or motorcycle entry test using the links below, and upon passing you'll be made a Fellow for three years from the date of your entry test pass. Call 0300 303 1134 to book your Fellow entry test.

IMPORTANT - The  Fellow Entry Test does not include any form of preparation, it is the actual advanced test only. If you feel you might need help to refresh your skills before taking the entry test then there are two options open to you (this also applies to any member who fails a Fellow entry test or retest).

Speak to your local IAM group to see what help they can offer you - you can find their details by entering your postcode in our local group directory by clicking here. Groups will warmly welcome you and be delighted to help you regain those advanced skills.

For those who hold both our car and motorcycle advanced qualifications

Fellow membership was originally planned to be single category only, we are currently deciding how best to manage double Fellow membership. In the meantime please choose a single category for your Fellow membership.

For our qualified National Observers

You may decide to become a Fellow as well and apply or transfer in the usual ways detailed above. Our Observer re-qualification tests do not qualify for Fellow membership and the schemes are entirely separate.

For our Masters

Our Masters members may become Fellow members if they wish. The Masters and Fellow re-qualifications will continue to run independently on their five and three year cycles respectively. Any Master holding a pass within three years can become a Fellow by advising us of their intention. Masters with a pass older than three years will have to take the Fellow Entry test to become a Fellow.

What happens if the Fellow test is failed?

Any member who does not pass the entry test or re-qualification will have our full support and a three month grace period in which to retake and pass the Fellow test. If they decline to retest, or continually fail, then their IAM full membership will be suspended until such time as an advanced pass is achieved. In the very unlikely event that an active IAM Observer fails a Fellow test then they would not be able to conduct observed runs until passing the advanced test again. This is essential to maintain the integrity of the award and the standard of all Fellow members. 

Book your Fellow Entry Test for Drivers

If you passed your most recent advanced driving test more than three years ago then book your Fellow Entry Test (Advanced Driving) here. The cost is £45 and once you pass we'll welcome you as a Fellow member.

Book your Fellow Entry Test (driving)

Book your Fellow Entry Test for motorcyclists

If you passed your most recent advanced driving test more than three years ago then book your Fellow Entry Test (Advanced Riding) here. The cost is £45 and once you pass we'll welcome you as a Fellow member.

Book your Fellow Entry Test (riding)