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Mental health

Driving or riding with mental health challenges

Everyday, thousands of people with mental health challenges take to the road as drivers and riders.

Thursday 10 October was World Mental Health Day 2019. At IAM RoadSmart, we understand that a driver's or rider's mental wellbeing is crucial to keeping them safe on the road.

So we've put together some top tips, advice and information to help anyone suffering with mental health difficulties boost their confidence and capability when driving or riding.

For example, for those suffering anxiety, our video of top tips gives advice on how to stay calm when driving. Click here to watch it.

Stressed driver

Further reading for driving or riding with a mental health illness

Mental health can affect you at any point in your life. You could be new to the road or you could have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge under your belt. If you do have a mental health illness and/or are taking medication, you may need to tell the DVLA so they can advise whether or not you're safe to be on the road.

Mental health charity, Mind and insurance company, We Are Marmalade, have put together an overview with some helpful information to help you decide if you're fit to drive.

Ben is the automotive industry's support service and they provide lots of tips on how to handle different types of mental health issues. Along with these useful links, we've put together a list of our own advice to help you stay safe on the road.


    Driving with Hyper Responsibility OCD and social anxiety

    Kier Home, our customer care deputy team leader, opens up about how he manages his obsessive-compulsive disorder and social anxiety out on the road.

    Managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    An IAM RoadSmart member has written about her experience suffering from fatigue syndrome and how advanced driving helped build her confidence on the road.

    Feeling stressed?

    We've teamed up with mental health charity, Ben, to put together some top tips for handling stress - so you can keep calm and focus on the road.

    Too tired to drive?

    Getting a good night's sleep can help you stay safe on the road. Read our top tips on how to avoid tiredness and the importance of staying alert.

    Baby on board

    Are you a first-time parent who's anxious about driving with a baby? A new mum writes about her experience of driving for the first time with her baby on board.

    Right mind, right ride

    In 2015, we worked with Transport Research Laboratory to explore cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for the treatment of riding-related stress.

    Boost your confidence

    Learn new techniques, overcome your personal driving challenges and conquer the road with our DVSA Quality Assured Advanced Driver Course.

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