We make better drivers and riders

Come and RideScotFree with IAM RoadSmart

(exclusively for Scottish based riders)

We believe that the very best way to understand and develop new skills is to see and feel them in practice with the guidance of an IAM RoadSmart qualified Observer. They are all volunteers who give their time and skills freely to help you become a better motorcyclist.

You'll enjoy finding out what advanced riding techniques and skills could do for your confidence and ability with our enjoyable free taster ride. The ride will last up to an hour and be arranged for a convenient time and place. 

As the largest road safety charity in the UK everything we do is geared towards helping drivers and riders develop skills and knowledge to make riding not only safer but also more enjoyable. Give our free taster motorcycling session a try, you'll love it -  and of course we hope that you may then decide to go on and become a fully qualified advanced rider yourself.

How to book your free RideScotFree place

1. Use the link below to visit our directory of local groups and enter your postcode to find your nearest group. 

2. Call or email the contact person, mentioning 'RideScotFree' and they will arrange for you to have a free taster ride with them.