Enhance your driving skills and boost your confidence on the road with targeted one-to-one coaching.

Many people recognise that, while they are generally confident and capable drivers, there may be some areas in which they might need a boost to their knowledge or confidence. New drivers who have just passed their test might need some help with motorways, for example. Or more experienced drivers may need a refresher on parking and manoeuvring.   

To help with these challenges we are offering a series of short, practical training modules to help drivers improve their skills and boost their confidence in seven key areas:

What will you learn?

Our one-to-one on-road modules are delivered by an IAM RoadSmart expert, in your own car and at a time to suit you, taking around 75 minutes to complete. The majority of the time will be spent out on the road, where our expert will observe your driving and offer helpful hints and tips to help you improve your skills, focusing closely on your chosen module topic. By the end of your module session you will have had the opportunity to put the tips into practice, and will have knowledge that can be applied immediately to your everyday driving, helping you to build your confidence and have more enjoyment behind the wheel.

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