Advanced Driver Retest

Advanced Driver Retest
  • For Associates who did not pass their Advanced Test
  • Go for a Pass or a F1RST
  • Gain recognition for the Advanced Skills you have learned
  • Full IAM RoadSmart membership
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Course overview

Why should you re-take it?

Our Advanced Driver Retest is for Associates who did not pass their Advanced Test.  

You've invested a great deal of effort and skill into honing your Advanced Driving abilities, and it would be a shame to leave the job unfinished. By focusing on the areas highlighted by your Examiner, you can greatly increase your chances of success and earn the well-deserved recognition of your Advanced Driver status.

Scheduling your re-test now will provide a clear goal to work towards. Better still, your local IAM RoadSmart group will be delighted to help you prepare if you think that might help.


Receive expert tuition and become a more skilful rider

Grow your confidence, to better enjoy your passion for driving

Meet other expert drivers and share your skills

Join IAM RoadSmart as an Associate, and receive our member magazine


Book your re-test

Purchase your Advanced Driving Retest here

Make the arrangements

Our Examiner will agree on a convenient date and time with you

Showcase your skills

Demonstrate your Advanced Driving skills during the retest

Become an advanced driver

All being well you'll gain full Advanced Driver status with us