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Advanced Rider Course Gift Voucher

Advanced Rider Course Gift Voucher
  • The perfect gift for motorcyclists
  • Help them become one of the most qualified riders on the road 
  • A fun, challenging experience as they learn important new skills
  • Valid for 12 months
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Course overview

What makes this the perfect gift?

What better way to show a biker you care than with a gift that will keep them safer on the road? Not to mention, give them hours of enjoyment along the way. 

Your gift voucher is presented in an attractive pack and you can include your own message to add the personal touch.

The pack contains everything your friend or family member needs to get them started on one of our highly respected Advanced Rider Courses.

The voucher is easy to redeem and is valid for 12 months and includes 12 months of IAM membership.  You’ll have all the benefit of our expert’s considerable experience as they provide useful tips on any unexpected riding situations you may encounter and how best to safely navigate tricky road conditions.

Each session lasts a couple of hours and will focus on specific skills to develop across a wide range of subjects. When ready, the advanced test can then be taken.


You'll receive an attractive gift voucher pack which you can present to your loved one

Includes space for a personal message

Help them become one of the most skilled motorcyclists on the road

Expert tuition on their own bike

They'll learn practical tips that will help keep them safe

Boost their confidence on the road

Could lead to reduced insurance premiums

Fun, challenging sessions and the chance to join a local community of Advanced Riders

Helps you sleep better at night knowing that they are safer road users


Buy your gift voucher 

We'll send you the attractive gift voucher pack

Gift it with love

A lovely thoughtful gift for someone special

The recipient can then begin the journey with us

The voucher is quick and easy to redeem

We'll welcome them as an Advanced Rider with us

What a great feeling as the test is passed.