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Our advanced riding course as an attractive voucher pack for you to gift
  • A thoughtful gift
  • 90 groups nationwide 
  • Easy to redeem
  • Valid for 12 months

Advanced Rider Course Gift Voucher - £149

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Course overview

This is our most popular advanced rider course presented in the form of an attractive voucher pack for you to gift to family or friends.

A thoughtful and practical gift idea, this pack contains everything required to become and advanced rider with us and be welcomed as a full member of the IAM.

Included is 12 months IAM membership, local group mentoring and support to develop advanced skills, the advanced test itself and course manual. Please note that some of our groups may ask for a contribution to the fuel costs of the observer who provides the training. This varies from group to group, and not all request a charge. The contribution may vary from £5 to £20 per session.

Your gift will enable someone you care about to become one of the most skilled motorcyclists on Britain’s roads. 

So what can the recipient expect? they’ll receive a welcome pack and course manual, followed by an introduction to their nearest local IAM RoadSmart bike group. Our skilled experts, many Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) qualified, will provide a number of enjoyable observed rides typically over three to six months.

Each ride lasts a couple of hours and will focus on specific skills to develop across a wide range of subjects. When ready, the advanced test can then be taken.

As well as gaining new skills, once qualified they will be welcomed as a full IAM member and receive insurance benefits as a result - around 90% of our members do.

As well as greater confidence and motorcycling enjoyment, if you ride for a living an Advanced Rider qualification can add Brownie points to anyone's CV.



You’ll receive an attractive advanced rider course gift voucher pack, including course logbook, to gift as you wish to family or friends.

They’ll receive expert tuition with rides on their own bike and may get insurance benefits too.

Enable someone to become one of the most skilled riders on our roads

Easy to organise online or by phone

Easy to redeem by the recipient

Full IAM membership on completion

Get cheaper insurance

Convenient – delivered by local experts


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