Alcohol Awareness Seminar

Drink driving can impact your business and your drivers – change behaviour and reduce risk.

  • Lower your reputational risk
  • Reduce driver downtime
  • Safer, more effective fleet
  • Alcohol myths debunked


Course overview

Take advantage of IAM RoadSmart’s knowledge and expertise in Drink Drive Rehabilitation. Our interactive workshop allows delegates to experience how vision is affected through sober eyes, untangles the myths around alcohol units and clarifies the law around legal limits.

Delegates will receive unique insights into the consequences of drink driving, highlighting the importance of alcohol awareness in driver safety. Our experts clarify the laws about being in charge of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

We discuss the effect of alcohol on a driver, the morning-after effect, the time it takes for the body to remove alcohol and dispel the myths of speeding up the sobering process.

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Toolbox talks



Debunking the many myths about drinking and driving will make your drivers more aware of the dangers so they avoid risk of prosecution.

It will contribute to your organisation’s road risk management obligations, as well as improving safety behind the wheel.

Improved driver behaviour and safety

Wake-up call about alcohol and driving

Reduce the likelihood of drinking and driving

Less stress levels within your fleet

Better understanding of ‘morning after’ effects

Fun element with Drunk Busters Impairment Goggles

Hard-hitting film to get the message home


Setting the scene with a PowerPoint presentation

Drivers watch a presentation on alcohol and its impact

An exercise with beer goggles

A fun way to show drivers how the body behaves over the limit

Quiz on the course workbook and feedback

Drivers answer 14 questions and discussions

Open to any business or organisation

Ideal for people who drive a vehicle as part of their activities.