Driver Assessment

Hone your driving skills with an informal on-the-road evaluation with a qualified expert
  • Become a safer driver
  • No test, no pressure
  • Drive in your own car
  • Expert feedback to take away
  • Driver Assessment - £49

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    Course overview

    Nobody is born a great driver – behind-the-wheel skills need to be learned and then honed. That’s why IAM RoadSmart has developed Driver Assessment, an easy to organise, inexpensive consultation with one of our qualified experts, who will go out with you in your own car, watch you at the wheel and share ideas on how you could develop your driving. There is no test to pass and no pressure – it is an evaluation without formality, an assessment that puts you at ease, and which most people find thoroughly enjoyable as well as educational.

    Our sessions suit every road user. You might have been involved in an incident or a near-miss, or have a concern about a particular aspect of driving. Then again, you might be a keen driver eager to find out just how good you are. Or perhaps you have a new car or a new job which will involve a lot of driving, or you just enjoy making the most of different opportunities. Whatever your need or concern, our Driver Assessment is a great way to get more out of driving.

    How does it work? One of our nationwide team of qualified experts will arrange to meet you and your car at a time and place convenient to you, and take a drive with you – typically between one and two hours in duration – which involves all types of road scenario. You’ll get expert feedback from our drive doctor (both verbally and in a written report) and will have the opportunity to discuss specific road issues or any driving questions you might have.

    What can our Driver Assessment do for you? Potentially it could help prevent an accident. It will certainly help you to become a more confident and safer driver, and to derive greater enjoyment from driving. Look on it as a celebration of and an investment in your driving skills and knowledge, one that can enable you to improve and to be the best driver you can.



    You can take the IAM RoadSmart Driver Assessment at a time and place that’s convenient to you, in your own car.

    It’s a relaxed, informal way to check out your skills and improve them, so you become a better, safer driver.

    Get more out of your driving

    Easy to organise online or by phone

    Inexpensive consultation with a qualified expert

    No test to pass and no pressure

    Every road user can benefit

    Short assessment – one to two hours

    Direct feedback and a written report


    Buy course here and booking process begins

    Book an agreed time with one of our examiners

    Drive your own car

    Meet your examiner at a time and place to suit you

    Drive for one to two hours

    You’ll be observed in all types of road scenarios

    Receive full verbal and written feedback

    At each stage you’ll get detailed feedback and guidance.