Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as at 29th May 2020:

Bookings for IAM RoadSmart courses are still open, but in line with Government advice, some of our on-road coaching sessions are currently suspended. Please see details below:

  • Motorcycling coaching sessions in England will resume from 15th June 2020.
  • All other coaching - for driving in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; and for motorcycling in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - remain suspended at the current time.

    Our Trustees and Senior Management Team continue to monitor the situation closely and make decisions based on Government advice. If you choose to proceed with your booking, we will be in touch as soon as the current situation regarding COVID-19 has been resolved to register you for your first session. Your first year of IAM RoadSmart membership will be extended for up to six months free-of-charge so you can complete your course. 

    For further details, please contact us.

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    E-learning Module: Motorway driving

    Learn important skills to help you drive safely and confidently on the motorway in any situation with useful information, hints and tips on:

  • How to join and leave a motorway
  • Driving safely and progressively
  • How to overtake on a motorway
  • Dealing with situations such as tiredness, breakdowns and adverse weather conditions

  • Special offer: Currently available free-of-charge (RRP £5)


    Course overview

    Would you like to learn important skills to help you drive safely and confidently on the motorway? Are you a new driver who never got the chance to learn about motorways? Or perhaps you're an experienced driver wanting to refresh your knowledge and gain confidence to help you deal with any situation? Motorways have been designed to eliminate many of the hazards that exist on other types of roads, but the high speeds and volumes of traffic involved can mean that, when incidents do occur, they can be very serious.

    This module normally costs £5 for 20 minutes' learning, but is currently available free-of-charge as a special promotion. Click on the button below to register and download.

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    We also offer other E-learning modules that could be just what you've been looking for. Each module covers a key aspect of driving that many drivers find challenging, or that represents a gap in their experience, and offers a knowledge boost using simple exercises, animations and example scenarios. Other available modules:

    Parking and manoeuvring

    Driving on country roads

    Driving in towns

    Managing distractions

    Managing speed

    Managing overtaking


    Business users

    Our E-learning modules are a great way for businesses and other organisations to support their employees as part of a Driver Risk Management or training programme. Contact our customer care team to discuss arranging employee access to our modules, using the link below.



    Improve your motorway driving skills and learn online at your own convenience

    This module takes around 20 minutes to complete

    Focus on specific aspects of motorway driving that you may find challenging and increase your confidence

    Interactive, with pictures and animations to make the key points easily memorable

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    Business users

    E-learning is ideal for businesses and other organisations to help improve their drivers' knowledge as part of a wider training or risk management programme. Contact our customer team to enquire about arranging group access to our e-learning modules for your business or organisation.


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    Complete your module whenever you like

    Modules each take approximately 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed at a time and place to suit you

    You can log in and purchase additional modules at any time

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    Business users

    Contact our customer team to enquire about arranging group access to our e-learning modules for your business or organisation.