Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Bookings for IAM RoadSmart courses are still open, but in line with current Government advice, our on-road coaching sessions are suspended until further notice.

Due to the unfolding situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), IAM RoadSmart Trustees have taken the difficult decision to temporarily scale back our resources, from Wednesday 1 April 2020.

A small team is still available to respond to enquiries from our groups, members and customers. In line with Government advice they are all working from home.

Our Trustees and Senior Management Team continue to monitor the situation closely and make decisions that will best protect our future organisational capability based on current Government advice.

If you choose to proceed with your booking, we will be in touch as soon as the current situation regarding COVID-19 has been resolved to register you for your first session.

Your first year of IAM RoadSmart membership will be extended for up to six months free-of-charge so you can complete your course. 

For further details, please contact us.

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Fellow Entry Motorcycle

If you are a current full IAM member who passed your advanced riding test more than three years ago then you are invited to take our Fellow Entry Test in order to become a Fellow member.

  • Passing will give you 3 years of Fellow membership
  • The reassurance that your skills are still current
  • Enhanced insurance benefits from IAM Surety
  • Costs just £39 for the Entry Test
  • A new Fellow certificate and membership card for you
  • Fellow Entry Motorcycle - £39

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    Course overview

    Our new Fellow tier of membership exists to enable you to commit to a regular review and checking of your advanced skills every three years.
    The Fellow Entry Test for motorcyclists is solely for current IAM RoadSmart members who passed their most recent Advanced Rider Test over three years ago.
    If this matches your own circumstances then the first step to becoming a Fellow is to book and pass the Entry test for motorcyclists. The test is a full advanced test conducted exactly as our usual advanced test by an IAM Examiner.
    Once you have passed the entry test we'll award you Fellow membership, issue a new card and certificate and plan to contact you again in three years for your reassessment. You'll also be able to benefit from an enhanced insurance package from IAM Surety including no upper age limit, free legal helpline and free breakdown cover.
    Our Fellow level of membership was created  as a result of our insurance findings that the longer it has been since you passed the advanced test the more likely you are to be involved in an incident. The aim is to reward members who keep their skills current and refreshed.

    Please note - in the unlikely event of failing the test then a three month grace period will be given to achieve the standard. Repeated failure to reach the advanced standard will result in suspension of full membership until the standard is achieved.

    Our Fellow level of membership celebrates and rewards maintaining our advanced standard.



    Book your Fellow entry test to show us that you still have that advanced skills sparkle!

    Once you pass we'll award you Fellow status

    Remain one of the most skilled riders on the road

    Easy to organise online

    Enhanced IAM Surety insurance benefits

    Feel more confident on the road

    Make a great impression – add it to your CV


    Buy your Fellow Entry Test here

    You’ll be sent an email confirmation of your test date

    Refresh your advanced skills

    Your local IAM group may be able to help you brush up those skills

    Demonstrate your skills to our Examiner

    Show us those skills are still at advanced level!

    Become a Fellow

    Pass the entry test and we'll welcome you as a Fellow.