Mature Driver E-Voucher

Mature Driver E-Voucher
  • A thoughtful present for loved ones
  • Help them renew their confidence
  • Provides a trusted second opinion
  • Easy to gift and use
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Course overview

Our Mature Driver e-voucher will give someone you care about – and your family – the reassurance that they are still safe on the road. Not to mention boost their driving confidence in a relaxed and friendly assessment.

The e-voucher is easy to redeem, and the recipient has 12 months to validate and get booked onto their assessment.

What can they expect?

One of our friendly experts will go out with them in their own car to assess their driving style and help in any areas where their skills may need honing. If there’s anything specific that they like help on, our expert is there to answer any questions.

It may also reassure you to know that 90% of mature drivers reviewed by IAM RoadSmart only need a few minor tips to give them the confidence to keep on driving safely and maintain their independence for as long as possible.


Quick and convenient; the e-voucher will be emailed to you in one working day, which you can send on or print out to present to your loved one

A thoughtful gift for a loved one

Perfect as a refresher session

Help them feel reassured behind the wheel

They can share any driving worries confidentially with an expert

Sessions are informal and friendly

You can be safe in the knowledge that their driving skills are up-to-speed


Buy a voucher, valid for 12 months

Once you’ve paid for your e-voucher, we’ll send it to the email address you used to purchase the voucher within one working day 

Familiar roads – bring a friend

The review is held on roads they will know, and they can even bring a chaperone 

Demonstrate skills to our trained expert

Our expert views their driving style and skills

Instant feedback on how well they did

Constructive advice and feedback verbally and in writing

Feel reassured that they are safe on the road

Our qualified experts will take them out on familiar roads and give them valuable feedback

An assessment of their driving style

Your loved one will receive help in any areas where their skills may need attention. They'll get helpful and supportive advice