Mature Driver Review

Mature Driver Review
  • An honest, unbiased review of your driving
  • Boost your skills and confidence
  • Reassure yourself and others
  • No test and no pressure
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Course overview

Our Mature Driver Review is a relaxed, 1-hour session with an IAM RoadSmart expert. Together, you’ll drive in your own vehicle on roads familiar to you, and at the end of the session will receive guidance on how to continue driving safely for years to come.

Having your driving skills periodically reviewed is part of being a responsible motorist, and is a great way to ensure that you and your passengers are safe. Even if you are an excellent driver, our expert can make sure your skills are as sharp as they can be.

We know just how important driving is, and how it represents the freedom to go anywhere, anytime. This is why many mature drivers choose our course, because it gives them the confidence and skills to carry on driving and maintain their independence.

Who is the Mature Driver Review for?

Our course is for any mature driver who feels that now is the time to have their driving skills reviewed. We often find the course is ideal for:

Grandparents who want to ensure the safety of their family and loved ones when out on the road.

Nervous drivers who are looking for reassurance of their skills or maybe find driving more daunting than they used to.

Drivers 70 and over who are looking for an honest, unbiased review of their driving before renewing their licence with the DVLA.

Who is the Mature Driver Review not for?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer the Mature Driver Review to anyone who has had their licence revoked or suspended, been advised to stop driving by their GP or other medical professional, or who has been formally referred to Driving Mobility. We are also unable to offer the course to anyone who is under investigation for a road traffic offence.

What to expect

After purchasing your course, you’ll be paired with one of our local experts. You will agree a meeting time and place to suit you, and you can even bring a friend or family member along for support.

During your drive, the assessor will ask you to take a familiar route so that any advice given is tailored to your local area and driving style.

After your review, you’ll receive verbal and written feedback to take away. You can then use this feedback to continue refining your skills after the session.

Looking to gift this course to a friend or family member? 

You can also purchase our Mature Driver Review as a gift voucher, perfect for those looking to boost their skills or confidence on the road. 

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Reassure yourself and others of your driving skills

Keep your family and loved ones safe while driving

Maintain your driving freedom and independence

Refresh your knowledge of the Highway Code

Grow your confidence on the road


1. Purchase your course and receive an email confirmation

2. You’ll be paired with one of our experts who will be in touch

3. Agree a time and a place to start your course that suits you

4. Go for your drive and demonstrate your skills

5. Receive written and verbal feedback that’s personal to you


Keeping your loved ones safe

Mature Driver Review - Grandchild carWhether you’re helping with the school run, or going for a weekend trip to the beach, keeping your family safe is understandably your number one priority.

Our Mature Driver Review is perfect for sharpening your skills and boosting your confidence, helping you to create a ‘safety bubble’ around yourself and your passengers. As roads become more congested, it’s more important than ever for every driver to ensure their skills are kept up to date. For example, reminders on proper cornering or hazard perception techniques can make you a safer driver, particularly in towns or on rural roads.

Over 70? Renew with confidence.

All UK driving licences expire when the holder reaches 70, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop driving. You just need to renew your driving licence with the DVLA if you want to continue, and will need to renew it every 3 years after that.

For many drivers, knowing whether or not to renew their licence is an easy decision. However, our Mature Driver Review can offer that extra level of confidence that you’re making the right choice. Some drivers even choose to have a review every three years to coincide with their licence renewal dates.


Mature Driver Review - Grandchild car“I found the experience very beneficial and would recommend it very highly. Many thanks to my instructor who was very friendly and informative. It did not feel like an assessment, more like a friendly drive.”

- Susan C.

Mature Driver Review - Grandchild car"The feedback was superb – really useful. The review has just topped up some of the key skills for me to carry on motoring for a long time to come”

- Alex L.