Mature Driver Review

Undecided whether it’s still safe to drive? Get an impartial opinion and reassurance behind the wheel.

  • Renew your confidence
  • Get a trusted second opinion
  • Sharpen your skills
  • Reassure your family
  • Mature Driver Review - £49

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    Course overview

    Mature drivers are among the safest on the road, but there is no denying that as you get older reactions can be less swift, perhaps the eyesight might not be so sharp and memories of the Highway Code less clear. Our Mature Driver Review is the perfect way to gain reassurance that even though you may be a senior road user, you still have plenty of miles left in the tank.

    One of our qualified experts will go out with you, in your own car on familiar roads that are local to you, to assess your driving style and to watch out for any areas where your skills could do with some sharpening. It might be that you are aware that your driving is not what it used to be, that you have worries about particular situations you have encountered in the cut-and-thrust of today’s traffic, or simply that you – or your family – would benefit from the reassurance of knowing that you’re still OK to be behind the wheel of a car.

    The review is informal – you can even bring a friend to ride along if you like – and is aimed purely and simply at helping you to be a better driver. Ninety per cent of older drivers reviewed by IAM RoadSmart need only some minor guidance to set them back on the right road.

    After the review, drivers not only get a verbal report on their skills but also a written account of the session, which includes pointers to improvement. It’s a completely personal report, shared with no one else. Those who have completed one of our Mature Driver Reviews tell us that having an expert to judge their driving skills gives them renewed confidence at the wheel and a real sense of achievement.



    Our informal Mature Driver Review course will give you – and your family – reassurance that you are safe and confident on the road.

    One of our qualified experts will go out with you on local roads familiar to you, in your own car, and give you some pointers to help develop your skills.

    Feel reassured behind the wheel

    Share any worries about driving with an expert

    Bring a friend for support – it’s informal

    Non-judgmental guidance to set you on the right road

    Sharpen your skills and memory of the Highway Code

    Useful feedback is provided


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    Our expert will take you on a 60-minute ride and drive

    Roads familiar to you – bring a friend

    Your review is held on roads you know

    Demonstrate your skills to your trained expert

    Our expert views your driving style and skills

    Instant guidance on how well you did

    You’ll receive friendly feedback verbally and in writing.

    The course is taken in your own car and is very friendly. You can even bring a friend for support.