Night Driving For Work Seminar

Supporting drivers to improve their night driving skills helps you achieve a safer more efficient fleet and reduces insurance costs.

  • Flexible training – fits into work
  • Boosts awareness of risks
  • Enhanced driver behaviour
  • Lower incident rates/insurance
  • Overview

    Course overview

    Driving at night when your vision is impaired by low light and bright oncoming headlights can be dangerous. Even if your drivers aren’t driving in the EU’s official night time period, they could be on the road in the half-light of dawn or dusk, or in the darker winter months.

    That’s why IAM RoadSmart developed this seminar to educate all drivers and riders of company vehicles on driving safely at night, while assisting your organisation with your road risk management and environmental responsibilities.

    So what does it entail? The course covers a number of components including surviving twilight, using lights, coping with dazzle, new technology and sleep risk.

    It gives those who drive after dark or who have had previous night-related vehicle incidents a better awareness and recognition of the risks and hazards surrounding driving at night. The course also benefits older drivers. According to the US National Safety Council a 50-year-old driver may need twice as much light to see as a 30 year-old.  

    Make sure your drivers aren’t in the dark about driving at night with this flexible training. The workshop can train up to 20 people in a half-day session. Our experts are among the most highly qualified in the UK and the course is tried and tested with many blue chip clients. 

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    For companies whose drivers travel at night, this seminar helps change behaviour so you achieve a cost-effective, safer fleet.

    It supports road risk management, improves safety on the road at night and raises awareness of the consequences of not driving safely after dark.

    An informative, interactive presentation

    Enhances awareness of night-specific hazards

    Improves driver behaviour and attitude

    Reduce risk

    Improves residual value of vehicles

    Lowers incident rates and insurance premiums

    Safer interaction with other road users

    Reduces vehicle wear and tear

    Reduces hidden costs such as employee downtime


    Setting the scene with PowerPoint slides

    Drivers watch a presentation for about 45 minutes

    Sight and vehicle checks before driving

    Our expert watches your driver and does a demonstration drive

    Receive full verbal and written personal feedback

    A complete debrief and a Driver Development Profile (DPP) is provided

    Open to any business or organisation

    Ideal for people who drive a vehicle as part of their activities.