Non-Members Driving Assessment

Non-Members Driving Assessment
  • Second opinion on your driving
  • Use your own car
  • Gain greater confidence and skills
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Course overview

Why should you take it?

Learning any new skill is a positive experience but, when it comes to driving, those new skills could be a life saver.

This relaxed session is perfect for a wide variety of drivers. You could have recently had a near-miss and want to get your confidence back. Or you might have a new car you’d like to know better? Or a new job which will involve lots of driving? Or maybe you’re just a driving enthusiast who’s keen to find out how good you really are?

Whether you’ve been driving for years or have only just passed your test, you’re sure to pick up useful tips and techniques to improve your driving skills and help keep you safe and skilled on the road.

What can you expect?

Our Non-Member Drivers Assessment is a one hour informal review with one of our qualified examiners who will go out for a drive with you in your own car.

Our expert will watch you in action and share ideas on how you could enhance your driving style. They will also help you with making the most of your vehicle technology, understanding new road layouts, honing your driving skills and even learning recent changes to the Highway Code.

There is no test to pass, making this a pressure-free experience. It’s simply an enjoyable evaluation that will help you become more confident and safer behind the wheel.


Suitable for a wide variety of drivers

Informal and informative session in your own car

Rate your current skills and take away practical advice to improve your driving

Learn new tips that will keep you safer on the road

Turns any weaknesses into strengths

Boost your confidence and driving enjoyment

No test to pass, no pressure!


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Our mentor gets in touch to confirm the on-road drive

Book a time to suit you

Demonstrate your skills to your trained examiner

Receive full verbal and written personal feedback

At each stage you’ll get detailed guidance and practical advice