On-Road: Driving in Towns

Learn how to drive safely in urban environments and and deal confidently and effectively with the situations you encounter.

  • Gain confidence and knowledge to deal with typical urban road features and hazards
  • Develop your ability to drive in a proactive manner, with less risk of incident
  • Share the road space safely with other road users
  • Be able to interpret signs and restrictions, road markings and the Highway Code when driving on congested roads

  • £49 module

    On-Road: Driving in Towns - £49

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    Course overview

    Towns and cities present drivers with the most complex and diverse range of challenges, combining a multitude of junction layouts, road signs and traffic controls with a whole host of distractions and vulnerable road users. Even on a short journey through your hometown, you might encounter several different speed limits, two or three types of pedestrian crossings, a restricted bus lane or a one-way system. Perhaps your urban commute is very congested and features a lot of cyclists, school-run traffic or under-pressure delivery vehicles.

    The opportunities for involvement in an incident are particularly frequent in towns and cities, so they are therefore a common area of focus for many drivers concerned about keeping themselves and their families safe on the road.

    Our Driving in Towns module costs just £49 for 75 minutes' one-to-one on-road training with an IAM RoadSmart expert, and is delivered in your own car at a time and place to suit you. It will give you the specific skills necessary to drive safely in urban environments and to deal confidently and effectively with the day-to-day situations you'll encounter. It's the ideal way to ensure you remain a skilled and safe driver - whatever your journey entails.



    Learn the skills necessary to drive safely in urban environments

    This on-road module takes around 75 minutes to complete

    Friendly one-to-one advice and support from an IAM RoadSmart expert



    Purchase your module and arrange a session to suit you

    Our customer care team will assign you an instructor and contact you to arrange a suitable time and place for your session.

    Meet your instructor and prepare for your drive

    You will attend the session in your own vehicle. Every on-road session begins with essential eyesight and vehicle checks. And don't forget your driving licence! 

    Take to the road for your module session

    Your instructor will take you to an area appropriate for the module subject and observe your driving, identifying areas of focus and offering helpful hints.


    Discussion of your areas for development, and tips on how you can improve your skills