On-Road: Managing overtaking

Overtaking can involve a high degree of risk. Learn how to plan and execute your overtaking to ensure the safety of yourself and other road users.

  • Be able to identify when it is safe and legal to overtake
  • Where to overtake to avoid impeding other road users on single carriageway roads, dual carriageways and motorways
  • Considerations when overtaking at night and in poor weather conditions
  • Learn to position your vehicle for visibility and a safe margin for error

  • £49 module

    On-Road: Managing overtaking - £49

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    Course overview

    Overtaking is arguably the highest-risk driving manoeuvre you are likely to perform, unless it is carefully planned and carried out. Single carriageways generally require moving to the opposite lane, potentially putting you in the path of oncoming traffic. Motorways and dual carriageways provide additional lanes specifically for overtaking slower traffic, but use of these lanes still requires observation, consideration for traffic approaching from behind, and respect for legal speed limits. Consideration also needs to be given to the type of vehicle or road user being overtaken: cyclists, horses and other vulnerable road users present a different challenge to those of cars and lorries.

    Before deciding to overtake, drivers need to consider a wide range of factors that affect the safety of the manoeuvre, including the space available, the performance of their own vehicle, the speed and position of other surrounding vehicles, and any other hazards around them. This complex range of considerations, and the potential for devastating consequences if you get it wrong, can make overtaking an intimidating prospect for some drivers.

    This module costs just £49 for 75 minutes' one-to-one on-road training with an IAM RoadSmart expert. Delivered in your own car at a time and place to suit you, it is specifically designed to help you develop your observation, anticipation, planning and decision-making, and enable you to identify when it is safe and legal to overtake, leaving nothing to chance. You'll learn how to carry out overtaking manoeuvres in a way that keeps yourself and other road users safe.



    Develop your judgement and decision making skills, allowing you to identify when it is safe and legal to overtake

    This on-road module takes around 75 minutes to complete

    Friendly one-to-one advice and support from an IAM RoadSmart expert



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