Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as at 15 June 2020

Bookings for IAM RoadSmart courses are open, but in line with Government advice, some of our on-road coaching sessions are currently suspended. Please see details below:

Motorcycling coaching sessions in England and Northern Ireland will resume from 15 June 2020.


All other coaching - for driving in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; and for motorcycling in Wales and Scotland - currently remain suspended.


If you choose to proceed with your booking, you will be put in contact with your local group and your first year of IAM RoadSmart membership will be extended for up to six months free-of-charge if necessary, so you can complete your course. You can access the benefits of membership and visit our online shop through this website. Please go to the login pages for details.


We continue to monitor the situation closely and make decisions based on UK Government and devolved administrations advice.


If you need to get in touch, please see our contact page for information.

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On-Road: Parking and Manoeuvring

Learn how to park and manoeuvre safely in different environments and be aware of the hazards around you.

  • Gain a greater awareness of your surroundings when parking and turning in confined spaces
  • Reduce the risk of your car being damaged when manoeuvring or parking
  • Understand and judge the limits of your vehicle
  • Learn vehicle manoeuvring technique

  • £49 module

    On-Road: Parking and Manoeuvring - £49

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    Course overview

    Are you sometimes apprehensive when faced with parking? Or do you find it difficult to judge how much room you need when you have to turn your car around in a confined space? If yes, you’re not alone. Low-speed collisions in car parks and other similar environments are the single biggest cause of damage to cars in the UK. The resulting bumps and scrapes can be extremely costly to fix, yet can be avoided with a combination of careful planning, understanding of your vehicle and the right driving techniques.

    Roads are also becoming more congested and parking spaces scarcer, and the design of many modern cars means that visibility is often compromised, making the extremities difficult to judge. Parking spaces are often set at the legal minimum size, making them tricky to use for certain vehicles. So it’s important to have the skills and knowledge to manage a variety of situations when out on the road, to prevent unnecessary damage to your car and keep yourself and others around you safe.

    Our Parking and Manoeuvring module costs just £49 for 75 minutes' one-to-one on-road training with an IAM RoadSmart expert. It has been specifically designed to give you tailored, specialist coaching in your own car at a time and place to suit you, so you can learn the skills and confidence needed to carry out a variety of manoeuvres in confined spaces.



    Learn how to park safely in different environments and know which type of manoeuvre is most appropriate for the circumstances you are in

    This on-road module takes around 75 minutes to complete

    Friendly one-to-one advice and support from an IAM RoadSmart expert



    Purchase your module and arrange a session to suit you

    Our customer care team will assign you an instructor and contact you to arrange a suitable time and place for your session.

    Meet your instructor and prepare for your drive

    You will attend the session in your own vehicle. Every on-road session begins with essential eyesight and vehicle checks. And don't forget your driving licence! 

    Take to the road for your module session

    Your instructor will take you to an area appropriate for the module subject and observe your driving, identifying areas of focus and offering helpful hints.


    Discussion of your areas for development, and tips on how you can improve your skills