Rider Assessment

Be the best rider you can be, ready to take on any new hazard or situation the road can throw at you.

  • Easy to organise
  • Receive expert feedback
  • Be a safer rider
  • Get a confidence boost
  • Rider Assessment - £45

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    Course overview

    Nobody learns the art of self-defence quicker than a motorcyclist. But, as any rider will tell you, you never stop learning when you are on two wheels because new hazards and situations crop up all the time.

    IAM RoadSmart has developed a Rider Assessment to help all motorcyclists. It’s an easy to organise, inexpensive consultation with one of our qualified experts, who will go on an enjoyable one-to-two-hour ride out with you covering all manner of roads and traffic scenarios and watch from their bike how you ride yours, and how you react to the hazards you encounter. At the end of it you can discuss your performance together and you will receive a full written report. There is no test to pass and no pressure – it is an evaluation without formality, an assessment that puts you at your ease, and one which most people find thoroughly enjoyable as well as educational.

    Our Rider Assessment is for everyone on two wheels. You might be a new rider or one who is returning to riding after time away, you might have been involved in an incident or a near-miss, or have a concern about a particular aspect of riding. Then again, you might simply be a keen biker eager to find out just how good you are. Or perhaps you find it stimulating and fun to go on a ride with an expert and hear their thoughts. Whatever your need or concern, our Rider Assessment is a great way to address it.

    What can we do for you? Potentially it could help prevent an accident. It will certainly help you to become a more confident and safer rider, and get greater enjoyment from being on two wheels. Look on it as a celebration of and an investment in your riding skills and knowledge, one that can enable you to improve and to be the best rider you can. Bikers who have been through our Rider Assessment have told us they were amazed by how much progress they made.



    Get even more out of being on two wheels by investing in your riding skills and knowledge.

    You’ll be amazed how much progress you can make with this inexpensive consultation where one of our qualified experts gives you ideas for developing your skills.

    Get more out of your riding

    Easy and inexpensive to book

    Our qualified experts can give you confidence

    Just one to two hours to measure your skills

    Cover all kinds of road and traffic scenarios

    Direct feedback and a full report

    Fun, useful and no test to pass


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    Choose a time to suit you

    Meet your expert

    Meet our expert at a convenient time and place

    Demonstrate your skills in a 1-2-1 ride out

    You’ll be observed during a one to two hour ride

    Receive full verbal and written personal feedback

    You’ll get detailed feedback and guidance.