Risk Assessment

This independent assessment helps organisations with five or more employees to identify and control driver risk.

  • Prioritise at-risk drivers
  • Independent verification of risk
  • Online – easy to fit into work
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Overview

    Course overview

    Do you know what your fleet’s risk rating is? How do you assess, identify and control driver risk if you have five or more employees?

    An online risk assessment from IAM RoadSmart is a cost and time-effective way to answer these questions. It is proven to identify high-risk drivers who need the most training and will help your managers and directors prioritise in-vehicle training for those who need it most.

    The course also supports your organisation in complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 on risk-assessing work activities.

    Unlike some online risk assessments that are often seen as a selling tool, road safety experts and academics independently verify our risk assessment algorithms to ensure the course accurately reflects the risk a driver poses.

    The online course takes just 20-25 minutes to complete. Users receive an email with instructions, a company code and driver PIN. They proceed through various stages where questions with multiple-choice answers are posed.

    Once your drivers have completed the course, they’ll receive a certificate and feedback on their risk rating.

    This will help you determine whether to opt for further eLearning or other driver risk management products that we offer.

    Solution requirements
    To take part in this online assessment, all your drivers need is online and email access and around 25 minutes to spend on a questionnaire.

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    This cost-effective solution helps organisations to monitor the risks facing their fleet and helps them to comply with health and safety legislation..

    It’s proven to identify high-risk drivers who most need training and you’ll get feedback on their risk to benchmark against.

    Multi-stage risk assessment

    Easy to fit into work schedules

    Fleet risk rating becomes a known quantity

    Provides a standard approach to assessing risk

    Reliable – third party experts identify risks

    Provides reasonable control measures to implement

    Identifies drivers who may need further training

    Suits all drivers on work-related business

    Meets your Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 requirements


    Receive an online portal link

    Instructions sent to delegates after purchase

    Multi-stage risk assessment with Q&A

    Drivers are taken through four stages

    Certificate of completion sent

    Drivers receive certification after completion

    Receive feedback on risk rating

    Use the risk rating to find out if further training is needed

    Open to any business or organisation

    Ideal for people who drive a vehicle as part of their activities.