Fast Track Advanced Driver

Our fastest way to become a qualified advanced driver
  • Dedicated 1-2-1 training
  • Gain advanced driver qualification
  • Fast and efficient
  • Perfect for fleet drivers

Fast Track Advanced Driver - £399

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Course overview

Our Fast Track Advanced Driver course delivers exactly what it promises - it is the fastest way for any driver to develop advanced skills and become a qualified advanced driver with us.

Designed for both individual motorists and fleet drivers the course contains everything required to take and pass our advanced driving test and become a full member of the IAM.

Our course is fully inclusive and provides the advanced driver course manual, two half days dedicated one-to-one tuition with a professional IAM RoadSmart trainer, your IAM membership and the test booking.
This efficient one-to-one format does require the driver to commit to plenty of practice and personal development between the two training sessions. 

As well as gaining recognition for your skills, once qualified you’ll become a full IAM member and can benefit from our IAM Surety insurance scheme as a result - around 90% of our members do.

You’ll also feel more skilled, confident and safer on the road and if you drive for a living an Advanced Driver qualification can add Brownie points to your CV.

FLEET MANAGERS: If you are interested in ordering a number of Fast Track courses for your company or fleet drivers then please call our dedicated business hotline on 0870 120 2910.



Fast Track delivers professional one-to-one training and guidance to enable anyone to attain advanced driver standard with us, quickly and efficiently

You’ll receive expert personal tuition with drives in your own car and you may even get insurance benefits too.

Become one of the most skilled drivers on the road

Easy to organise online or by phone

We come to you for the driving sessions

Perfect for individuals or fleet drivers

Full IAM membership on completion

Get cheaper car insurance

Make a great impression – add it to your CV


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Remember extra practice makes perfect

Become a qualified advanced driver

We look forward to welcoming you as a qualified advanced driver