Speed Awareness Seminar

A collaborative course where drivers work together to learn the consequences of speeding.

  • The dangers of speeding
  • Creates safer drivers
  • Reduces incident rates
  • Spend less on insurance
  • Overview

    Course overview

    Why do drivers of all ages and experience break the speed limit? Is it because you think modern braking systems will save the day? Do you think other road users should just get out of the way? Or is it that a few extra miles over 30 won’t make a difference?

    After going on our IAM RoadSmart seminar on speed awareness, your drivers will learn the truth about speeding and think twice about it. 

    When they know the true dangers of speed and the impact, they’ll be more likely to drive safely and their improved behaviour will mean lower incident rates and insurance premiums, as well as a reduction in other hidden costs like their absence from work.

    This is how it works: drivers don’t just sit in front of a presentation, they get involved with discussions in a group about how collisions happen and the chances of a pedestrian being killed.

    They’ll also talk about different types of speed limit and the impact of speed. This is where quite a lot of myths are smashed about why we have speed limits and the difference a few miles can make to outcomes. 

    It’s not all about learning the truth about speed. As a driver you’ll come away with a better idea of unsafe driving and practical ways to become a better driver with the right attitude towards speed. 

    Toolbox talks



    This persuasive seminar smashes the myths to get drivers to think twice before speeding.

    It helps to make better drivers with the right attitude, while your organisation complies with health and safety legislation, increases mpg, lowers incident rates and therefore premiums.

    Improved attitudes on the road

    Reduces insurance costs

    Increases miles per gallon

    Greater residual value of vehicles at end of life

    Lower re-charge on leased vehicles

    Fewer incidents, lower insurance costs

    Less wear and tear on brakes and clutches

    Health and safety compliance

    Supports continual professional development


    Setting the scene with a presentation

    Drivers watch a presentation with stats on road causality

    Discussions on everything from speed to attitudes

    Delegates gain greater understanding of speed and its impact

    Receive full verbal and written personal feedback

    A complete debrief and drivers receive a handout

    Open to any business or organisation

    Ideal for people who drive a vehicle as part of their activities.