Toolbox Talks

The toolbox offers a ‘pick and mix’ choice of 12 subjects that can easily be fitted into your schedules.

  • Short talks – easy to schedule
  • Improves road safety skills
  • Lowers incident rates
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Overview

    Course overview

    Our Driving for Work Toolbox Talks are the ideal way to provide your drivers with short, focused briefings on driving related topics.

    We have developed 12 interactive toolbox talk presentations which can be delivered to up to 20 drivers at a time.

    IAM RoadSmart experts deliver the bite-sized sessions, which raise awareness and help drivers understand the key areas of risk.

    Driving Strategy COAST
    Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time (COAST) introduces an important driving strategy to your drivers. It is one of the key elements of defensive driving and provides a new technique for their skill set.

    Our experts build on the latest research into speeding and the reasons people give for breaking the limit. Understanding the risks and consequences of speed helps drivers make positive decisions to drive within speed limits and match their speed to the road conditions.

    Road safety research suggests almost 20 per cent of accidents on major roads are fatigue related. We highlight peak times for fatigue and high risk scenarios, dispel common myths and identify good coping strategies.

    Vehicle Technology
    Manufacturers continue to improve vehicle technology. Our experts provide your drivers with an insight into how technology such as ABS, TCS and ESP work. Vehicle Checks and Driver Health Checks We look at the best ways of making vehicle checks and discuss the benefits and impacts of each. We also review driver health and how to ensure drivers are fit to get behind the wheel.

    Back pain and incorrectly adjusted seats cost employers and the economy many thousands of pounds a year. We show drivers how to position themselves for best posture, vision and vehicle control.

    Mobile Phones and Distractions
    Today’s in-vehicle technology allows us to connect mobile devices, but what are the pros and cons? Our experts provide tips and hints to reduce the associated distractions and provide sound advice on using technology safely.

    Winter Driving
    We discuss how to prepare for winter driving, including weather types and provide advice for difficult and dangerous conditions.

    Driving at Night
    Our experts identify the factors which should be considered when driving at night. We discuss the stresses of driving late or early in the morning, managing our body’s natural clock and the different fields of vision in the dark.

    Alcohol Awareness
    Our experts clarify the laws about being in charge of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. We discuss the effect of alcohol on a driver, the morning-after effect, the time it takes for the body to remove alcohol and dispel the myths of speeding up the sobering process.

    Managing Space on the Road and In Confined Areas
    Our experts highlight the benefits of maintaining space around the vehicle, look at how space can be created and the protection it provides. We also identify hazards in confined spaces to avoid low speed collisions.

    Our experts provide advice to ensure your employees’ bicycles are safe to use and give helpful tips on sharing the road with others.

    Toolbox talks



    With 12 subjects of 30-45 minutes in length, we can easily tailor these talks to suit your schedule.

    Flexible – choose single talks or pairs

    Reinforce the road safety message

    Comply with health and safety legislation

    Allows you to adopt best practice

    Easy to fit into working days

    Up to 20 drivers per session

    No travel – we can present at your site


    Setting the scene with a presentation

    Choose toolbox talks singly or paired together

    Group interaction on what’s been learned

    Drivers discuss health and safety while driving

    Open to any business or organisation

    Ideal for people who drive a vehicle as part of their activities.