Vehicle Familiarisation

Keep your fleet safe by getting drivers familiar with their work vehicles' dimensions, systems, performance and handling characteristics.

  • Full- or half-day courses
  • Improve drivers' skills and safety
  • Reduce incident rates
  • Perfect for LGV fleets

  • Overview

    Course overview

    Driving an unfamiliar vehicle can be stressful and unnerving. Different models of cars and vans can vary greatly in terms of size, visibility, on-board systems and handling and manoeuvring characteristics. Moving from one to another without proper preparation can be intimidating, even for experienced drivers, and can often be the cause of collisions involving work vehicles.

    Our Vehicle Familiarisation course will prepare your drivers for the ways in which they will need to adapt their driving to a new or unfamiliar vehicle, giving them the confidence and skill to move seamlessly from their own private vehicle to the one they drive for work, and reduce their risk of incidents or of unsafe driving behaviour.

    The course is very flexible, with a choice of a half-day, one-to-one format for an individual driver, or as a full-day session covering up to three drivers.

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    Your drivers will benefit from this course by learning

    to deal safely with hazards where vehicle weight is critical

    the width, length, height and weight considerations necessary to choose safe gaps to park and manoeuvre

    the various technical aids and warning devices specific to the vehicle

    the effect of the ergonomics between driver and vehicle

    the vehicles’ blind spots (particularly relevant to low speed manoeuvring)

    Your business will benefit from

    reduced risk of vehicle damage

    a safer, less stressed workforce


    Choose your course format

    Full- or half-day courses are available, covering 1-3 delegates.

    Drivers attend the course in the designated vehicle

    Our instructor will carry out the course at your chosen location, and will carry out essential licence, eyesight and vehicle checks before taking to the road

    Practical one-to-one training

    Every delegate will have the opportunity for a practical, one-to-one development drive with our instructor

    Debrief and course feedback