Younger Driver Assessment

If you’re under 26 and keen to improve your driving skills, this course is for you.

  • Second opinion on your driving
  • Use your own car
  • Gain greater confidence
  • Develop new skills
  • Younger Driver Assessment - £45

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    Course overview

    Because you are young you must be a bigger risk at the wheel – that is the commonly held belief, but at IAM RoadSmart we don’t believe it’s necessarily true.

    Younger drivers have a lot going for them: keener eyesight, quicker reactions and a more recent knowledge and understanding of the Highway Code to name just three advantages. But what the younger driver does lack is the experience gained from years on the road.

    That’s where we come in. Our Younger Driver Assessment is for drivers under 26, who perhaps have a passion for driving and who want their abilities rated, or who require some training before being allowed on to a company car scheme. Maybe you’ve had an accident or a near miss and have lost a little confidence, or you are worried about a particular aspect of your driving.

    The on-road assessment will be at a time convenient to you and is in your own car. An enjoyable and educational session that will enable you to gain hints, tips as well as have the opportunity to talk through with your mentor their assessment of your driving skills and how you might improve them; you will also receive a written debrief. You will emerge with greater confidence in your driving and an understanding of the techniques required to be better at the wheel.



    Under 26? Just because you’re young it doesn’t mean you’re a bigger risk behind the wheel, you may just lack a bit of experience.

    That’s why we created our Younger Driver Assessment. Use it to rate your skills or get some training under your belt, it's also great fun.

    One-to-one advice tailored to you

    One hour session in your own car

    Choose a time to suit you

    Chat through feedback on your skills

    Be more confident behind the wheel


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