IAM RoadSmart completes its suite of products that fit into the lives of ‘time poor’ drivers in 2018

Posted on 30/05/18 |

Worried about driving but only have free time on a Tuesday night after the kids have gone to bed? IAM RoadSmart has the answer!

The UK’s biggest independent road safety charity has completed its suite of products for a new generation of drivers, with an app, e-learning modules and bite-sized one-subject driving sessions all now available – perfect for those of you who are ‘time poor’ and need a product to fit in with your lifestyle.

These run alongside the renowned Advanced Driver Course, Young Driver Review and Mature Driver Review, which are all still available.

The range of bite-sized safer driving sessions for private drivers address six specific driving needs:

• Driving on motorways

• Driving on rural roads

• Driving on urban roads

• Vehicle management

• Overtaking

• Confined space manoeuvring

They have been created as one-off one-to-one sessions which last between one and two hours, enabling drivers to brush up on a particular area of concern. All of these sessions are conducted by IAM RoadSmart’s advanced driving experts in the customer’s own vehicle.

These are based on extensive research the charity has conducted over the last year, including its existing members (currently over 92,000) and more than 7,000 non-members. They are available at just £49 each.

In addition, IAM RoadSmart has devised a series of seven e-learning modules which will improve your knowledge and abilities before you even set foot outside your door.

Each e-learning module costs just £5 and offers up to 20 minutes of interactive tuition. Topics covered are:

• Motorway driving

• Parking and manoeuvring

• Driving on country roads

• Driving in towns

• Managing distractions

• Managing speed

• Managing overtaking

The charity says the e-learning modules focus on specific aspects of driving that many drivers find challenging, and the modules’ interactive nature, with pictures and animations help make the key points easily memorable.

Finally IAM RoadSmart’s brand new app called IAM RoadTrip offers the chance to meet the world’s worst driving family – and the opportunity to help them become safer drivers on a series of journeys designed to be both fun and factual at the same time.

The app takes users through a light-hearted journey and covers a variety of topics from driving around a bend, parking, managing the school run to driving with a baby on board. With a myriad of subjects covered, the app targets a wide range of drivers to help as many people as possible with practical driving tips and advice.

The app is available on Android and Apple and can be downloaded from the App store (Apple devices) or Google play store (Android devices) by searching for IAM RoadTrip. You can also see further details at https://www.iamroadsmart.com/iam-roadtrip-app

IAM RoadSmart’s CEO Mike Quinton said: “Technology enables us to communicate with drivers in many new, and different ways, providing them with the means to improve their driving not just behind the wheel but away from it too. It is important that drivers’ minds are in the right place, and our app and e-learning modules are perfect for this.

“In addition our one-hour driving sessions tap into exactly what our customers say they want – extra help with aspects of driving they find difficult, at an affordable price.  We know people are time poor but these new products means that that excuse is no longer available. 

“We are also certain that once drivers have had an insight into how we can improve one aspect of their driving skills they will soon get the taste for our full advanced approach.”

For more information about any IAM RoadSmart product visit www.iamroadsmart.com or call 0300 0300 303 1134.


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