Cracking down on excessive speeding must be a priority say IAM RoadSmart

Posted on 16/04/20 |

IAM RoadSmart is praising police forces for continuing to focus on those who risk their own and other people’s lives by breaking speed limits on roads in the UK during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The UK’s largest independent road safety charity has expressed its shock and disappointment at the selfish and criminal speeding behaviour being reported by police forces across the country in recent weeks.

The vast majority of drivers are staying at home and only making essential journeys until the Government’s self-distancing instructions are lifted.  But it is clear that police resources need to keep up the focus on speeding in light of the behaviour of a minority of reckless and inconsiderate drivers still being seen on our roads.

Such irresponsible driver behaviour is a risk to the lives of all those using the roads responsibly and a potentially huge a drain on the emergency services and health care professionals who need to focus on tackling the pandemic.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart’s Policy and Research Director, said: “Social media is full of videos and reports from the front line showing high speed pursuits, arrests, collisions and driver behaviour that seems frankly unbelievable in this time of national crisis.

“IAM RoadSmart believes it is critical that high profile roads policing is maintained during the lock down to ensure that a selfish minority do not taint the vast majority of law abiding drivers who are behaving  responsibly.

 “Dealing with avoidable crashes is a huge and unnecessary burden on the emergency services at the moment and while we expect overall crash numbers to fall, this makes the targeting of excessive speeding related activity even more important than ever.

“The minority who continue to drive at excessive speed are simply not listening to the warnings or taking heed of the frequent police messaging. The only way to stop them is to keep current speeding campaigns going and increase the perception that they will be caught and dealt with.

“This requires a combination of targeted enforcement, use of intelligence and continued operation of safety cameras. IAM RoadSmart urges Chief Constables to do all they can to maintain resourcing for traffic units in these difficult times.” 

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