Coronavirus lockdown offers opportunity for fleets to improve drivers’ knowledge says IAM RoadSmart

Posted on 21/04/20 |

Following Dominic Raab’s announcement that the country’s period of lockdown will be continuing for at least another three weeks, IAM RoadSmart, the UK's largest independent road safety charity, has today introduced a programme of e-learning options for businesses that will help ensure fleet drivers and employees who drive for work are kept up-to-date with the latest legislation.

With Government advice encouraging businesses to provide training to employees on furlough, IAM RoadSmart’s e-learning platform, CHOICES, provides drivers who may be off the road the opportunity to test their knowledge, learn new skills and advanced driving techniques.  

In a new addition to the platform companies can also undertake licence checking via a fully integrated link with LicenceCheck’s award-winning DAVIS (Driver and Vehicle Information Solution) system. The platform also benefits from a comprehensive scoring system that allows users to readily analyse driver risk trends.

CHOICES includes interactive learning options and audited assessments for drivers on subjects such as distraction, hazard perception and managing speed. In addition it provides a practical solution for companies who would like to undertake a fleet policy review, introduce improvements and have an auditable record of drivers who have confirmed that they have read and understood any policy changes.  

Tony Greenidge, IAM RoadSmart Business Development Director said “During the current period of uncertainty most companies will be proactively reviewing core aspects of their business as they prepare for the operational and financial challenges that they will face when restrictions are lifted. CHOICES offers employers complete flexibility, so they can tailor content to their own requirements – and provide the training options that are best suited to their teams, whether they be a van, car or grey fleet driver.”

Simon Jones, Head of Health and Safety at Wigan-based Link Contracting whose company was one of the first to use CHOICES said “It’s been a brilliant project to be part of and the feedback from our people has been fantastic. We’ve made savings on our insurance and on our fleet costs and with all our new drivers now accessing the e-learning modules within the first two  days of joining us we’ve also recorded 50% fewer collisions.”

To support clients during the lockdown, IAM RoadSmart is offering all new CHOICES subscribers the opportunity to upgrade their account to include the creation of a bespoke fleet policy module when they sign up to the programme.

Tony added: “With so much uncertainty during lockdown, businesses of all sizes need to focus on the health and wellbeing of their staff as well as controlling costs. CHOICES enables employers to do both. By proactively using this downtime businesses can help ensure their drivers have improved the knowledge and skills they need to drive safely when they get back on the road, and with company finances likely to be stretched in the short to medium term they can also benefit from savings on insurance, vehicle repair and fuel consumption.”

For full details of IAM RoadSmart CHOICES e-learning portfolio and the fleet policy upgrade available during lockdown visit or call 0870 120 2910.

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