Tony re-qualifies as the first Fellow member since lockdown was lifted, says IAM RoadSmart

Posted on 04/08/20 |

As Advanced Driver tests got underway again this week for the first time since March, Tony Stopforth from Crosby, Liverpool is the first person to re-qualify as a Fellow driver member after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Chairman of Wirral Advanced Motorists, Tony’s re-test was conducted by examiner, Jane Rooney, a Master member, from the Wirral.

Fellow members are advanced drivers and riders who commit to re-taking their test every three years, keeping their skills in tip top shape. Tony went one better and secured a F1RST on his re-test, achieving top marks in every category of the assessment.

Tony has been an advanced driver since 1995. He decided the course was the best way to tackle driving behaviours that had seen him clock up points for speeding on his licence.

He decided to become a Fellow in 2017 in order to check that his advanced driving skills were as sharp as ever. Now he has passed his retest for a second time.

Tony is delighted to have passed again, giving his advanced driving standards a resounding seal of approval. He said: “I’m pretty pleased. The drive went really well and I really enjoyed myself. Jane put me at my ease and the whole test was an enjoyable experience. Advanced driving is the key to that for me – gaining maximum enjoyment from my driving.”

He is considering now applying to become an IAM RoadSmart Masters member – awarded to Advanced Drivers who achieve the highest standard of civilian driving.

Commenting on Tony’s achievement, Jane, who has been a Master member since 2018 and an examiner since last year, said: “Tony’s drive was outstanding. He was smooth, his commentary showed he was calm and in control at all times and he used IPSGA – our guide to smoother, safer driving - in all the right places. I’m delighted to have been able to award a F1RST on my first Fellow re-test for IAM RoadSmart since lockdown.”

Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart’s Head of Driver and Rider Standards, said: “We all extend our congratulations to Tony for maintaining his Advanced Driver skills for another three years.

“There’s never been a better time to start the journey to becoming a better rider.”

Advanced driver and rider coaching can help reduce vehicle, fuel and insurance costs, improve road safety, boost confidence and reduce travel stress.

For those who would like a refresher as they return to the car or bike after an extended period off the road, driver and rider assessments are also available for members and non-members. Visit our courses page for more information.

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