Highways England’s first year progress report on smart motorways - response from IAM RoadSmart

Posted on 21/04/21 |

IAM RoadSmart has previously given a cautious welcome to the government’s plans to improve the safety of smart motorways. We support the earlier introduction of stopped vehicle technology (SVD) and more frequent refuges but also point out the need for better education and information for smart motorway users.

Despite the reassurance that smart motorways are ‘safer’ than traditional motorways, a recent IAM members poll shows that over 80% feel less safe on a smart motorway.

Tony Greenidge, IAM RoadSmart CEO, said: “Our survey results have given us a strong platform with which to work in partnership with Highways England and Department of Transport to help increase confidence among motorway users. We believe that high quality and frequent education is needed to deliver ongoing reassurance to drivers and riders. A new education course and swift penalties for those drivers who put others at risk is also being proposed, to be effective this must be backed up by more traffic police to ensure the new powers are used. The plans to automatically enforce Red X violations from 2022 are much needed.”

Our education modules on Motorway Driving are available through our website. Visit the link to learn more https://www.iamroadsmart.com/courses/on-road-module-motorway-driving.

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