Driver Habits See Effects Of Covid

Posted on 11/06/21 |
  •  500 offences detected during a police road safety operation over the Bank Holiday weekend.
  • 61% of UK drivers believe they are ‘COVID Drivers’ with car accidents increasing sharply by 22% over the late May Bank Holiday.
  • 44% of drivers feel nervous about taking long-distance drives post-lockdown.
  • 47% admitted to picking up bad habits during Lockdown which they are now taking onto the road.
  • 26% of drivers said they feel more pressure driving now, due to busier roads.

A nationwide study by Nextbase, market-leader of in-car technology, has revealed that UK drivers believe the lockdown has massively impacted their driving habits and that they are sure they would FAIL their driving test if they had to take it again today. With 47% admitting to picking up bad driving habits during lockdown which they are now taking onto the road.

And these habits have only worsened during lockdown. The study also found that 29% of UK drivers said they are worrying about motorway driving now. When questioned about habits they have picked up whilst driving during the pandemic, more than one in five (22%) said they steer one-handed, 12% confessed to getting easily distracted when in the car, while 15% said they drive far too quickly.

Nextbase aims to get UK motorists back on the road safely this summer, that’s why they have recently partnered with the UK’s leading road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart to develop their Driving Intelligence e-learning modules.  

The post COVID study further found that 44% of motorists said they were feeling nervous about driving long distances post lockdown. This extended break from driving might lead to some hairy moments on the road, according to the data, 38% of surveyors expect to see an increase in road rage due to a traffic increase post lockdown.

42% of the 1,500 UK motorists polled confessed their driving skills were more than a little rusty following a decrease in their time spent on the road, while more than one in 10 (14%) say they have completely forgotten how to drive their car. 

When questioned about their driving knowledge, over one in ten (11%) of those polled insisted they cannot remember a single thing from their theory test and 14% admitted they see signs on the road every day which they do not understand.

The Nextbase and IAM RoadSmart Driving Intelligence e-learning modules are free of charge with the purchase of any Nextbase dash cam. The modules help drivers learn about managing their speed and its impact on stopping distances, smart motorways and – via a simple quiz – important driving safety facts.  

Tony Greenidge, CEO of IAM RoadSmart concludes: “It was inevitable that Lockdown would leave many drivers and riders with confidence issues, stress and rusty skills due to their enforced break from the roads. With any skill you learn, you need to improve and refresh it to remain top of your game. Driving and riding is no different. Our on-road courses and e-learning modules are designed to help boost confidence, improve existing skills, and widen knowledge.  These proactive interventions help create more considerate road users and ultimately our goal is to make driving and riding enjoyable, fun and safe.”

Do not miss out! Available on a first come first served basis only! Visit to find out how you can download the Driving Intelligence modules with your dash cam purchase.

Bryn Brooker, Head of Marketing at Nextbase, which commissioned the study, said:

“As rules change over time and roads get busier it is understandable that people start to feel less confident on the roads. It is important, whether you are a new driver or have been driving for years, that you keep on top of your driving skills, and use everything at your disposal to assist you in driving safely and responsibly.”

He continued to say:

“At Nextbase we pride ourselves on helping people on the roads feel secure and protected. “If you are looking to get your confidence back when out of the road the Driving Intelligence modules are a great place to start your revision. Additionally, a dash cam offers many solutions not just in the event of an incident, but as a deterrent – we’ve found that 54% of people will adjust their driving to be less aggressive if they see dash cams in the cars around them.”

For more information on the new Nextbase training course please contact


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