Road user perceptions of transport infrastructure study

Posted on 28/02/22 |

University of Bath has established a study that is designed to understand the differences in how road users perceive the road environment, and to understand which features are significant to them, based on factors such as the mode of transport they are using, and their demographics  

The goal of the study is to build up a library of user-submitted images of good/bad infrastructure and items relating to transport use (e.g., high visibility clothing, features on their vehicles), along with ratings and keywords to describe the significance of them and some demographic information about the submitter.  

The images that are submitted will then be used in research to understand how road users experience/perceive existing infrastructure, how modal choices/travel experiences are shaped by the environment, and to identify differences in how infrastructure/road environments are perceived and used by road users.  

This information will then feed into academic publications and conference presentations with a focus on better understanding how to manage mixed road user interactions and design safe and equitable transport infrastructure.

Take the 5-minute survey on your mobile, computer, or tablet:
1. Take photos of good/bad things you encounter when travelling/using transport infrastructure in the UK (or find the ones lurking in your camera roll)
2. Click on this link
3. Answer a few quick questions about yourself and your travel habits
4. Answer a few quick questions about yourself and your travel habits
5. Upload up to five photos and some information about why they matter  



This study has been approved by the University of Bath Psychology research ethics committee: 21-259. 

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