Under pressure… motorists delaying tyre repairs as cost of living crisis bites

Posted on 13/10/22 |

In the wake of a worrying new piece of research revealing that potentially millions of UK motorists are delaying critical tyre maintenance, IAM RoadSmart is calling on drivers to get a grip of their tyre safety.

Research commissioned by the UK’s leading independent road safety charity surveyed 1,004 motorists on whether they have delayed making vehicle repairs or improvements amid the cost of living crisis. Of those surveyed, one in ten (11 per cent) stated that they had put off replacing their tyre when the tread is low. Meanwhile, 7 per cent of survey respondents also stated that they have put off making a tyre change due to a puncture.

This means that of the almost 36 million people with a full driving licence in the UK, up to 4.2 million drivers are possibly deferring critical tyre safety maintenance, while up to 2.5 million motorists are potentially putting off fixing a puncture.

IAM RoadSmart’s plea comes during TyreSafe’s Tyre Safety Month campaign this October, an initiative that aims to remind motorists of the benefits and importance of tyre checks. Worryingly, TyreSafe research has revealed that on average 153 people are killed or seriously injured every year due to defective tyres, contributing towards 150,000 tyre-related convictions in the past 3 years*.

Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at IAM RoadSmart, commented: “Our research has laid bare that far too many motorists have decided to put off potentially critical maintenance on their tyres.

“While we recognise the financial issues many motorists will be facing during such difficult times, taking a chance with your tyres is simply not worth the risk when your own, and other road users’ safety is at risk.

“Furthermore, failing to replace tyres that need to be replaced could let motorists down financially in the long term. Indeed, investing in tyres with a high specification, which are appropriate for the season, will help with your vehicle’s fuel economy. This will help motorists save money in the long run – especially when this is accompanied with more economical driving habits.”

To learn more about IAM RoadSmart’s support of Tyre Safety Month, click here.

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