Road safety charity launches annual Driving Safety Culture Report

Posted on 15/05/23 |
IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s leading road safety charity, has launched the eighth edition of its annual Driving Safety Culture report, with its key objective to reveal the biggest issues impacting motorists on the roads. 

The annual report, which has studied UK motorists’ driving safety attitudes and behaviours since 2015, has highlighted the biggest worries for motorists, with 86 per cent of drivers reporting that the cost of motoring is their main concern. 97 per cent of motorists aged between 50 – 69-year-olds said this was their biggest concern, compared to 65 per cent of 17 – 24-year-olds. 

There are eight main issues that at least 80 per cent of motorists consider to be a threat to their personal safety, and these include drivers checking or updating social media (90 per cent), text messaging or emailing (88 per cent) and driving after drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs (89 per cent).

Meanwhile, of the 18 behaviours tested, the only types of behaviours over half of motorists believe other people consider acceptable are talking on a hands-free mobile device and driving ten miles per hour over the speed limit on a motorway. 

The Driving Safety Culture report will play a key role in supporting IAM RoadSmart’s campaigning activity throughout the year, and since the report found 60 per cent ranked drink and drug driving as the main priority for police action against bad driving behaviour, it reinforces the charity’s call for the government to prioritise the growing drink and drug driving crisis on Britain’s roads. 

Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at IAM RoadSmart, said:

“The Driving Safety Culture Report shines a light on the key issues facing motorists on UK roads, and by capturing this information it helps IAM RoadSmart to evolve and refocus its attention to best support road users. 

“The main findings from this report, such as the cost of motoring, the conditions of the roads, and drink and drug driving, will help us to tailor our campaigns and messaging to represent British motorists and in turn make UK roads a safer place for everyone.” 

To find out more about IAM RoadSmart and to download the full report, visit here. 

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