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    Clive's Story

    Our latest IAM RoadSmart member story involves Clive and his passion for motorcycles which he rediscovered through learning new skills at IAM RoadSmart. Read how IAM RoadSmart gave him the skills to go from rider to observer and how his journey led him to being an award winning Volunteer.

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  • car seat

    Keeping your children safe on every journey

    Natalie from Car Seat Ninja, a mum of four who’s on a mission to provide comprehensive car seat advice and a retail service, is offering her years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to help every parent and guardian to keep their child safe on every journey.

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  • Tyre

    Check before you travel

    Winter tends to bring with it difficult driving and riding conditions, so now is a good time to remind ourselves how to drive safely when the temperature drops below zero whilst ensuring our tyres are up to scratch. With freezing conditions expected this week, it’s time to take extra care when travelling on the roads.

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  • Carli

    Carrying precious cargo

    "It’s not that I didn’t trust my partner, but with the most precious cargo we’ve ever carried in the car, I wanted to do everything I could to protect him." Carli Ann Smith received the IAM Roadsmart Advanced Driver course from her grandad as a Christmas gift, and you can read all about her journey here.

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    Racing queen revisited

    Eddy Lambah-Stoate, passionate IAM RoadSmart member, motorbike enthusiast and content creator, shares his passion about all things on two wheels. This article retells an experience from 2018.

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