Research reports

As well as issuing road safety policy statements and working with government and the media, the IAM RoadSmart Policy & Research Team undertake research into driver behaviour and a range of other road safety issues. Following are a sample of our recent published reports.

Social impact evaluation using social return on investment

Research report posted on 01/09/13 |
Safer Road Users

This report attempts to demonstrate the value that independent charities such as the IAM bring to society as a whole

The results of this work are striking, not only because of the significance of the value that the IAM achieves for society, but also for the human consequences of the IAM‟s work: improving the safety of drivers through the advanced test, corporate driver training and the use of research to influence policy is saving lives.

The study has enabled the IAM to understand the social and economic value of its contribution to society which is estimated to be £128 million every year. The figure was calculated by examining the effects of the IAMs work in reducing the number and severity of road traffic accidents plus a reduction in the costs of motoring.  The benefit to society of people taking the IAM advanced driving and riding programmes alone is estimated is 39 million.  The remainder of the total is made up from the IAM's lobbying and research work and our fleet training activities.

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