Research reports

As well as issuing road safety policy statements and working with government and the media, the IAM RoadSmart Policy & Research Team undertake research into driver behaviour and a range of other road safety issues. Following are a sample of our recent published reports.

The battle for attention

Research report posted on 01/11/17 |
Safer Road Users

This report for the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) summarises recent research and knowledge from scientific studies about distracted driving.

The report defines what it means to be ‘distracted’ when driving, discusses the impact of distraction on driver behaviour and safety, and what can be done to reduce distracted driving. The focus of distraction discussed here relates to how drivers engage with technology when driving.

The main focus of distraction discussed here relates to how drivers engage with technology when driving. The report begins with a background to driver distraction, followed by discussion about what is actually meant by driver distraction. It is then considered why humans cannot successfully do two things at the same time, particularly within the context of driving. The subsequent section summarises the scientific research findings to date with regard to driver distraction and technology, and how this affects different types of road user. Recommendations for how driver distraction can be mitigated in the real world and a summary conclude the report.

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  • The battle for attention
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