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Your Areas Service Delivery Managers

IAM RoadSmart supports our group network through direct access to a dedicated full-time Area Service Delivery Manager in each of our eight regions. This structure replaces the previous ROM and RQM support roles. The postcode areas and contact details for each Area Service Delivery Manager are shown below. A map of the regions will be available shortly.

How to contact your Area Service Delivery Manager

Region 1 South West England

BA, BH, BS, DT, EX, PL, PO1-PO6, PO12-PO17, PO30-PO41, SN, SO, SP, TA, TQ, TR

Shaun Cronin | shaun.cronin@iam.org.uk | 07912 519859

Region 2 South East England

BN, BR, CR, CT, DA, GU, HP, KT, ME, PO7-PO11, PO18-PO22, RG, RH, SE, SL, SM, SW, TN, TW, UB, W, WC

Stuart Haythorn | stuart.haythorn@iam.org.uk | 07912 268851

Region 3 East Central England and Anglia

AL, CB, CM, CO, E, EC, EN, HA, IG, IP, LN, LU, MK, N, NN, NR, NW, PE1-PE8, PE13-PE19, PE26-PE38, PE99, RM, SG, SS, WD

Pete Doherty | pete.doherty@iam.org.uk | 07515 579924

Region 4 West Central England and South Wales


Robbie Downing Rob.Downing@iam.org.uk | 07703 718899 

Region 5 North East

DE, DH, DL, DN, HD, HG, HU, HX, LE, LN, LS, NG, PE9-PE12, PE20-25, S, SR, TS, WF, YO 

Pete Serhatlic Peter.serhatlic@iam.org.uk | 07703 718907

Region 6 North Wales and North West England

BB, BD, BL, CA, CH, CW, FY, IM, L, LA, LL, M, OL, PR, SK, ST, SY, TF, WA, WN

Steve Ellis steve.ellis@iam.org.uk | 07711 851523

Region 7 Northern, Scotland & NI


Scott Tulip scott.tulip@iam.org.uk | 07703 718901



Meet your Area Service Delivery Managers

Each of the Area Service Delivery Managers (ADSMs) is responsible for managing IAM RoadSmart’s overall business development and operational service delivery within their designated area in relation to the delivery of driving and riding operations, customer service and sales team support.

This role will see them liaising closely with IAM RoadSmart’s appointed training and examining representatives such as groups, observers, examiners,  fleet trainers, and ADIs etc. They are responsible for ensuring that all IAM RoadSmart standards and qualifications are implemented and adhered to and regularly quality assessed. They will also oversee the recruitment and continuous professional development of all IAM RoadSmart training and examining representatives.

They will work closely with the IAM RoadSmart groups in their areas, with a view to helping them continue to grow IAM RoadSmart advanced driver and rider recruitment. In addition they will develop and manage ongoing relationships with external organisations and partnerships such as Safer Road Partnerships, Under 17 club and IAM RoadSmart skills events etc.

Shaun Cronin – Area Service Delivery Manager for Region 1

Shaun is a Regional Manager for IAM RoadSmart and has been an IAM member for 26 years.  Shaun served in Dorset Police for 30 years retiring in 2014 as an Inspector.  He spent nearly 20 years at different ranks serving as a Traffic Officer both in cars and on motorcycles dealing with all the things you would expect on our busy road network, including managing the investigations of complex and fatal road collisions.  He played an active part in delivering Bikesafe and also as a volunteer Chief Instructor with The Under 17 Car Club, teaching those under 17 to drive in a non-road environment.  He was also an instructor at The College of Policing teaching specialist Counter Terrorism Search and Security Training in a joint Police/Military unit.   After retirement from Dorset Police he now continues to play his part in keeping the Advanced Driving and Riding standards high for the organisation.  He also delivers the circuit based IAM Skills Days for cars and motorcycles.

Stuart Haythorn – Area Service Delivery Manager for Region 2

Stuart retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2014 as a Class 1 driver and Police motorcyclist. His various roles within the Police have given him a broad experience in reporting and investigating Road Traffic Collision (RTCs). Prior to taking on the role of Region 2 ASDM, he was an IAM RoadSmart motorcycle Examiner and motorcycle Master mentor. As an ex-Chief Observer with his local group, he has a fine understanding of group training and its operation and uses this experience to help him bring a ‘hands on’ style to his current role. Stuart holds a Practitioners Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and uses this skill to enhance learning within the car and motorcycle training environment.

Pete Doherty – Area Service Delivery Manager for Region 3

Pete has been a member of IAM RoadSmart for 22 years starting off as an Observer, then moving on to become an Examiner, and a temporary Staff Examiner before coming on board as a full time Area Service Delivery Manager in July 2014. Previously he spent 30 years with the Metropolitan Police Service in various roles involving driving and riding and spent the last 11 years working as an instructor at the Metropolitan Police Driving School at Hendon. As a sergeant he had responsibility for various roles during his tenure including Advanced car and motorcycle training, off road motorcycle training and defensive driver training or more commonly referred to as anti-hijack training. Whilst working with IAMRS Pete has delivered off road motorcycle training to aid workers working for the Gurkha Welfare Trust in Nepal (https://iamtraininginnepal.blog/) with his colleague ASDM Scott Tulip, whom he also worked with at Hendon. Pete has also conducted training and testing for staff from What Car and Auto Express publications which is part of an ongoing rolling programme.

Robbie Downing – Area Service Delivery Manager for Region 4

Robbie has been a member of IAM RoadSmart since 1988 when he took up the role of local Car and Motorcycle Examiner. Until the end of 2016 Robbie combined his IAM RoadSmart role, which included that of Staff Examiner, with his duties at Avon and Somerset Constabulary where his last 13 years Police service was with the Driver Training Unit. Within IAM RoadSmart Robbie was part of a small team that delivered Regional and National Observer training courses with the introduction of the IMI Qualifications. Robbie took up his ASDM role in January 2017. In Spring 2020 whilst subject to furlough, Robbie was invited back to the Police Driver Training Unit to deliver instructor level training to assist development of the Driver Training Unit staff to allow them to respond to an increased request for Police Riders. This also enabled Robbie to refresh is personal riding and training skills.

Peter Serhatlic– Area Service Delivery Manager for Region 5

Pete joined IAM RoadSmart in January 2015 having retired from South Yorkshire Police as an Inspector in the Roads Policing Team with responsibility for the motorcycle section, the Force’s Western traffic groups and Traffic Management staff. Pete was a class 1 police motorcyclist and driver a member of the VIP Escort Team, a qualified Senior Investigator and incident Commander. Within IAM he has Regional responsibility for Regions 5 to 8 and represents the Organisation on the National Motorcycle Strategy Group and Bikesafe.

Stephen Ellis – Area Service Delivery Manager for Region 6

Having been born in the heart of the South Yorkshire coal mining community, it was no surprise that after leaving school Steve began his working life underground, qualifying as a coal face electrician. After 14yrs, Steve joined South Yorkshire Police enjoying a long and varied career at the rank of Sergeant, working in CID, Training and Roads Policing where he qualified as a Road Death Investigator. Steve has extensive experience in dealing with drivers and riders of all ages and abilities, he also has a wealth of experience of dealing with and investigating serious, life threatening and fatal road traffic collisions (RTCs) where driver or rider was often a significant contributary factor. Being a keen motorcyclist from the age of 16yrs, having qualified as a Class 1 Advanced Driver with the police, it was not surprising that Steve became a member of IAM RoadSmart achieving his Master Rider qualification with a Distinction. Following his retirement from the police, Steve worked as a Community Relations manager for a leading engineering solutions provider, before joining IAM RoadSmart as ASDM for Region 6. Steve currently owns two motorcycles, a Kawasaki GTR 1400 and a BMW R1200GS, he still enjoys touring on his motorcycle, especially eastern Europe.

Scott Tulip – Area Service Delivery Manager for Region 7

Scott has always had an interest in driving and riding. During his 30 years’ service with the Metropolitan Police he was responsible for investigating serious road traffic collisions. He was a Police instructor at Hendon from 2004 until 2013, where he instructed and examined to Advanced standard on both cars and motorcycles. He was also a delegated Examiner for DVSA on both LGVs and PCVs. Whilst there he worked with Pete Doherty, ASDM Region 3. Together, on behalf of IAM RoadSmart, they delivered off road motorcycle training to aid workers working for the Gurkha Welfare Trust in Nepal (https://iamtraininginnepal.blog/). On leaving the Police Service he worked as a trade customer advisor for a leading DIY outlet, then an aquatics expert for a national garden centre. Scott has been a member of IAMRS since 1993 and an Examiner since 2012 before becoming an ASDM in 2017.

Please direct any issues or questions you may have with the new DARTS portal to the Customer Care team on 0300 303 1134 or by email support@iam.org.uk as normal.