Advanced Riding:
An Introduction

Here at IAM RoadSmart, we’re the UK’s leading road safety charity and have spent more than 60 years making Britain’s roads safer. Our Advanced Rider Course has helped thousands receive motorcycle training of the highest standard. This motorcycle training has helped motorcyclists gain additional on-road knowledge and skills, above and beyond what is taught when you learn to ride.

On this page you’ll learn what it takes to become an Advanced Rider, and we hope to welcome you to one of our Local Groups soon.

What is Advanced Riding?

Whichever aspect of riding you’re looking to improve, our motorcycle training brings your skills up to an advanced level, helping you to control the position and speed of your bike with skill and responsibility.

Advanced Riding is based on the Police system of motorcycle control, and our course teaches you advanced-level motorbike skills and riding techniques used by the emergency services. This includes utilising the ‘limit point’ for bends and how to continually apply the ‘IPSGA’ (Information, Position, Speed, Gear, Acceleration) framework to all on-road situations.

What is IPSGA? (5 minute read)


Who can be an Advanced Rider?

Advanced Riding is open to anyone looking to improve their riding. Our course can help you to brush up on your motorbike skills, grow your confidence or become a more economical rider. The course is open to anyone who rides a motorcycle regardless of age, gender or disability.

It’s suitable for any stage of your riding journey, whether you’ve just passed your test and want to hone your skills, or you’ve been riding for years and want to take your skills up a gear.


blood biker sitting on a motorcycle

New opportunities

Becoming an Advanced Rider will allow you to continue making a difference to rider safety, long after your initial course. Our course allows you to become an IAM RoadSmart Observer and opens the door to other organisations such as Blood Bikes.

Many of our members work with organisations such as Blood Bikes after finishing their course, as they often require advanced motorcycle training to join.



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Creating a ‘Safety Bubble’

Advanced Riders observe, anticipate and plan ahead, creating a flexible “safety bubble” around their bike. Our course teaches you how to analyse on-road situations and create a suitable safe operating space, allowing you to better deal with upcoming hazards with a safe and systematic approach.

Whether it’s a weekend road trip or your daily commute, this bubble allows you to make swift and effective progress, all while increasing the safety and enjoyment of your ride.


How does the course work? 5 simple steps...


1. Purchase your course and receive a welcome pack in the post


2. You’ll be paired with one of our Local Groups who will be in touch


3. Develop your Advanced Skills over a series of observed rides


4. When ready, go for your Advanced Test with a friendly Examiner


5. Gain ‘Advanced Rider’ and ‘IAM RoadSmart Full Member’ status

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What do other riders think of the course?

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“I have been riding for nearly 50 years and wanted to correct bad habits/techniques. This has given me that opportunity and I have enjoyed meeting new and interesting, like minded people.”

– Advanced Rider, 2022

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

“What a worthwhile experience. Each observed ride gave me little nuggets of information, increased my knowledge, and my confidence. I would recommend it to everyone wanting to carry on learning.”

– Brian L, 2022

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

“Anyone who values their riding skills should sign up for a course. Once you've passed your assessment there are plenty of opportunities to continue honing your skills. As a bonus there is the social side as well.”

– Tony W, 2022

Member Stories

Advanced Riding is open to all UK motorcyclists, and people from all walks of life use our motorbike course to improve their riding skills. Whether you’re looking for a motorcycle refresher course, or simply advanced motorcycle training, we can help. Below is a selection of real-life stories from IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riders:

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“Carrying Precious

"In May 2021 I was walking down the corridor of the hospital with my partner, our three-day-old son in his car seat for the very first time…"

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“The IAM RoadSmart

"I bought my IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Course online in August 2018. I passed shortly afterwards. Since that first purchase, my life has changed in ways I could never have imagined…"

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What does the IAM Advanced Rider Test involve?

Join MotoSera as she sits her IAM Advanced Rider Test. "IAM Advanced Rider Training - Full Motorcycle Test Ride Along”

See other people’s experiences…

Other videos that detail real-life experiences. Click below to watch, or search YouTube for “IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding” for more videos:


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