A is for Autonomous


A is for Autonomous

Car drivers, motorcyclists, commercial vehicle operators...Many people love getting behind the wheel or in the saddle. So what does the future hold as cars and motorbikes become more and more technologically advanced? Will 'autonomous' vehicles remove the enjoyment out of driving and riding? And when will they really arrive? 

And, for those who are less confident behind the wheel, will the safety benefits really live up to their promise? Learn more about this important issue below and share your views with us @IAMRoadSmart.

Autonomous vehicles


RoadSmart mag cover

The latest thinking - from IAM RoadSmart's magazine

The current issue of RoadSmart, the exclusive magazine produced by IAM RoadSmart for our members, features an in-depth article examining the current issues facing automated car technology today. You can read the full article, as an extract of the magazine, by clicking here.

To find out how you can become one of the most qualified drivers or riders on the road with our advanced courses, and get regular access to RoadSmart magazine as a member, visit our courses page here.




Driverless cars - good or bad?

We asked for your views on driverless cars and the results from our survey are in, with over 70% saying they would not feel comfortable in a self-driving car.

Not a 'Big Brother' solution

In May 2019 IAM RoadSmart called new laws on car and lorry safety systems 'a potential license and life saver'.

Three into five will go

Neil Greig, Director of Policy & Research, explains the different levels of automated technology that currently exist.

Driver assistance technology

IAM RoadSmart has put together a video to help you understand more about driver assist technology in vehicles.

What does this mean for us?

Experts at our 'Driver Ahead?' conference at London's Royal Automobile Club found that driverless cars prompt more questions than answers.

Benefits of automated vehicles

A new US study has confirmed IAM RoadSmart's view of the benefits of humans and new vehicles working together.